A beginners guide to Devinity flood.

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  1. Mud

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    Part 1: Building a boat.

    When you first pop into existence in one of the flood servers the game will be in one of three stages: Build your raft, Get on your raft or Fight!
    I recommend just watching your first game to see who's doing what (This will give you an edge later on)
    when the round draws to a close run to the nearest room you can (Preferably a corner), if you cant get to a room then your best of using one of the walls in the central area.

    Now to the good stuff, when you start to build your raft you'll want to use the best, most cost effective props in the menu: the bags of money, the assorted bookshelves, the plastic doors, the logs and the vending machines (Both full and covers) a cheap and cheer full way to build a raft is to stack 6 plastic doors on top of each other however I find method soul destroyingly boring here is where the different strategies come in.

    Part 2: Loud and proud!

    This is by far the easiest strategy for beginners and one of the more fun ways to play the game, grab some of your friends or pull in some of your fellows noobs and noobets and assemble a rag-tag pirate army to take to the seas, build huge behemoth of a ship and spam your starting pistols at everything that moves, Note that it is very valuable to not splash your cash on the pistols in the store as most of the have worse or only marginally better DPS (Damage per second) than the the first I will go into spending your well earned cash later in the guide

    Part 3: All sneaky beaky like.

    My favorite way to play the game is as a lone wolf, building a raft that only floats a matter of inches above the surface using your wits and knowledge to trick and deceive your enemys into working against each other, this style of play requires more experience and know how to make your enemys do your work for you using the most quiet weapons (the starter pistol and the crossbow) to stay low profile.
    A big part of playing this way is to know the personalitys of everybody on the server this can appear a little daunting at first but a lot can be deduce from someone by the skin they are wearing and the weapons they are holding, for example a person in the most expensive skin with the largest crew possible is probably a bad target for you, and a person on a badly constructed raft with the basic pistol spamming away at the nearest person possible is rich for the picking

    Part 4: Spending your cash

    This is a part of the game that I have seen countless people (Including myself) fail with once you've entered the game you naturally want to splash some case (No pun intended) on the shiniest weapons you can this is a huge mistake and you'll generally not want to go bellow 10K, this is to safeguard you if you happen across a huge loss in a round and to buy props (if your going the sneaky route you generally need less money for props).
    Now we've got that clear here is my list for the order to weapons in:
    1.Cross-bow (For those pesky door spammers)
    2.Shot-gun (For those who get too close)
    3.Fire-extinguisher (For those who keep setting fire to your stuff)
    4.SUV (A weapon with huge DPS even from a long range, It also helps against door spammers)

    Part 5: Conclusion

    In conclusion it can be hard to get started in this sort of game where in most cases everybody will be ahead of you but if you can just get past those starting mistakes this is one of the most fun Garry's mod games out there,
    Well I best hit the bricks so have fun out there folks
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    The thing about flood is that there are so many different ways of building you boats. Everyone has their own style and builds them differently. I personally like using the thrusters to get up close and personal with who I'm shooting at. I also like having two boats simply because most people use rockets/grenades right away. So if they destroy your first boat with those, you have something to fall back to. Good guide tho, you hit a lot of key points which should help out a lot of people.
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