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  1. Dr. Pit Lazarus

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    Hello, I'm Dr. Pit Lazarus and I figured that I should be more into the community and contribute.
    I created this thread to inform people of useful commands, tips, and information. Because not everyone is tech savvy.
    If you have any questions or anything to add, feel free to reply below or invite me to a conversation(PM).

    Ever wonder how people make their player dance and do other motions?

    Act commands are commands that are typed into the console that make your player do certain actions.
    To enable console: click 'options', 'advanced' under keyboard tab, and tick 'enable developer console.' Access the console by pressing the tilde key (the key below esc).

    NOTE: The crosshair disappears while the command is active. You can preview yourself on the server by opening the q menu, click the settings tab, and tick thirdperson mode.
    For binding act commands, read over KEY BINDING below.

    act dance -random dancing (9s)
    act robot -robot dancing (11s)
    act muscle -suggestive dancing (13s)
    act laugh -points and starts laughing (6s)
    act bow -formal bow (3s)
    act cheer -cheers for victory! (3s)
    act wave -waves hand to say hello! (4s)
    act zombie -arm motions of a hl2 zombie (3s)
    act agree -yes, thumbs up! (3s)
    act disagree -nonono, waves index finger side-to-side (3s)
    act halt -holds a fist, stop(?) (1s)
    Hand Signals (rubbish animations):
    act becon -hand signal telling players to come to you (4s)
    act forward -hand signal telling players to proceed forward (1s)
    act group -hand signal telling players to group together (2s)

    Bind console commands to keys to save time from typing frequently-used commands.

    'bind' is a command that allows you to assign a key that triggers a console command to be executed.
    Usage: bind <key name> <console command>
    Example: bind j kill
    -when the key j is pressed, the command 'kill' is executed and will cause the player to die.​

    Quotations around the command are not necessary UNLESS the command contains spaces or special characters like semicolons.
    Example: bind kp_minus "say Hello"
    -when keypad key minus is pressed, 'say Hello' will be executed causing the player to say 'Hello' in chat. [DO NOT ABUSE COMMANDS TO SPAM CHAT]​

    Semicolons are used to execute multiple command strings sequentially on one key. This will allow multiple commands to be executed on a single key in the order it was written.
    Example: bind kp_multiply "record 1; stop"
    -when keypad key multiply is pressed, 'record 1' will be executed, then 'stop' will follow. The example command is useful for requesting a full game update. This means it will clear unknown particle systems, such as the leftover fire animations I sometimes see when playing Flood.​

    NOTE: Keys F1-12, fn, windows, prt sc, num lock, menu key, and tilde are NOT able to be binded.
    If you ever need to reset key bindings, go to 'options', and click 'use defaults' on keyboard tab. This will reset key bindings to their original state.
    I would NOT recommend binding to keys w,a,s,d,v,c,1-6, esc, space or any keys already binded in the options>keyboard tab.

    Here are the key names that are available for binding:
    keys a-z, 0-9
    Special Key names: (used commas instead of new lines to save space)
    escape, tab, capslock, shift, ctrl, alt, space, backspace, enter, pause, ins, del, home, pgup, pgdn, end
    mwheeldown, mwheelup
    mouse(1-5)*, joy(1-4)*, aux(1-31)*
    *choose a number in the range provided. Examples: mouse3, joy4, aux21
    Keypad and arrow keys:
    kp_slash, kp_multiply, kp_minus, kp_plus, kp_enter, kp_del, kp_ins, kp_end, kp_downarrow, kp_pgdn,
    kp_leftarrow, kp_5, kp_rightarrow, kp_home, kp_uparrow, kp_pgup,
    uparrow, downarrow, leftarrow, rightarrow

    That's all the info I'd like to share right now. I will add more to this in the future!
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  2. jeffreythe00

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    Jun 2, 2014
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    Pretty comprehensive guide you have here! 10/10
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  3. Firedraft

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    Nov 21, 2014
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    10/10 would bind again
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  4. Donkie

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    Jun 2, 2014
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    Just would like to add that the act commands are built in to garrysmod and does not come from any addon.

    I have the intentions to clean up the act stuff though, perhaps let you taunt players who you just killed or something.
  5. Dr. Pit Lazarus

    Dr. Pit Lazarus Angelic Web Developer Gold VIP

    Aug 12, 2014
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    Thank you for your response. I realize that the addon just adds chat commands and uses act commands in console. I will edit the addon out.

    As for the act stuff, maybe when you kill a player you automatically do a taunt.
  6. Rick

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    Jun 7, 2014
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