Ban Request against H0tt3nt0ttNOR

Discussion in 'Legacy Reports' started by Bender, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    Ban Request Against H0tt3nt0ttNOR

    Target Name:
    Target SteamID:
    Target Forum Profile URL:

    Requester Name:
    Requester Forum Profile URL:

    Event Date and Time:
    3/7/15 3:57:05 to 3:58:42 EEST
    Devinity Flood EU #1
    What rules the target broke:
    08. Do not truce. (Don"t team outside of official teams)
    Briefly explain what happened:
    So this clan called Pirates they were 3 people in it but 1 disconnected or something so he wasn't on the team any more cause the amount of players was that so 1 team could have only 2 players the pirates team was H0tt3nt0ttNOR the one i main reported cause he was causing a lot trouble Meowsor (STEAM_0:0:51695961) and the guy that wasn't on the team any more tabootvcat (STEAM_0:0:48812980) so taboo joined another team with another guy the other guy didn't do anything so no info about him taboo made a seperate boat and was next to them killing us so Pirates and AKA NERDS SQUAD (his new clan) were trucing. You can see on the photo the names of them and their teams and that they were trucing cause 1 pic captured him right before he jump and come kill us while he was next to them! If you want me to make another report of the rest team separately send me a message but I don't think cause I included the id of each one.

    Screenshot evidence:

    Video evidence:

    Other evidence:
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    Thankyou for the report Kidopie, I've issued a short ban on all of the players involved.
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