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    How do I use my parachute?

    Use E to eject from the plane, use space to deploy parachute and CTRL + ALT to cut your parachute (You can redeploy it before you hit the ground)

    How do I team?
    It's very easy, press F1, in the window that appears, find and click on "Teams", then click on the "Create team" button and find your friend in the list. Your friend should press F2 to create a team.

    P.S Please don't overteam. Take into account the number of players in the server and consider what an appropriate team size might be. For example if the server has 10 players on and you're playing with 6 friends, split up into teams of 2 or 3, don't just play as a 6 man team. - If staff see you overteaming they can tell you to stop.

    How do I drop a weapon?
    Press G.

    Where can I find a gun?
    Guns spawn at strategic points, littered around streets, inside buildings and in open areas.

    How do I equip an attachment?
    Use C to manage attachments, you automatically find at least 1 attachment with a gun and you have a 5% chance of finding a suppressor.

    Where do I find Grenades/Snipers? I never see them anywhere.
    Along the flight path of the plane and in especially open/contested areas there are 'better' spawn points. These have increased spawn rates for assault rifles and are the only places to spawn Snipers/Grenades.

    How do I enable 3rd person?
    You cant.

    - If you see any common questions I missed out, post in this thread, and if you have any questions not answered here please ask a member of our staff team.
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