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Flaws and issues with the hide/incognito system

Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by Ary, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Ary

    Ary Member Silver VIP

    Aug 14, 2018
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    Lately, I have stumbled by mistake onto a moderator that was in a hidden mode. and after this encounter, I have quickly learned the shortcomings of the hide system making it really easy to discover someone who is using it.
    Here is what I have found out:
    • Before joining the server you can look at the players on the servers and see if there is any staff on it (given that you know the staff) if you see that there is staff member on the server but when you join you don't seem to find any staff on it it means that the staff member is hidden. You can compare the names on the server by pressing tab and the names on the server info to find out who is it.
    • Pressing on the player will show you his achievements and weapons but if you do the same to someone who is hidden each time his weapons will be randomized and you will see a different set of weapons each time you check. Sometimes you can see a healing stick or the VIP rifle in their loadout.
    • The level, time and the date of the first time that they registered will always change everytime you reconnect. on a rare occasion, their profile picture might change even though usually they don't have one.
    • The last thing is less the fault of the system but more the fault of the staff member that is using it. I have seen countless times that they use weapons that are expansive if not all the weapons as well as the VIP rifle even though the profiles that the system generates are usually low level and only have a couple of hours of play time on the server.
    There is a couple of screenshots below as an example, all of them are of the same staff member who is in a hidden mode.

    Disclaimer: I do not intend this to be used as a way to find out staff members that are hidden.

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  2. counter

    counter Godly Member Platinum VIP

    Feb 21, 2015
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    Incognito isn't really supposed to be a flawless system but while these issues are noticeable by well-rounded people like you, I'm not too personally concerned as we are still able to pretty easily catch and punish an overwhelming majority amount of players who would otherwise break server rules without staff being present. If we really want to stalk you, we'd go on an alt account or something but I doubt that will be the case for any given scenario :p

    Thanks for reporting the issue regardless and I do hope the system will be improved down the road as well
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