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Flood - Chunky - Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Ragingboss0731, May 27, 2021.

  1. Ragingboss0731

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    Jul 7, 2015
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    Staff Application for Chunky

    Application Position:
    Flood Moderator

    United Kingdom
    Ingame Name:
    Steam Profile URL:
    Discord Tag:
    Tell us about yourself:
    Im just a regular guy who loves going to the gym, driving around, absolutely love cars and have a modded Skoda Fabia of my own and am just in general a very social person

    How long have you been a registered user on Steam:
    Since November 2014
    How much time can you dedicate to do the position you chose:
    3-4 Hours Per day
    Server playtime:
    1 week
    How did you find out about Devinity:
    In 2015 I was just looking around for new fun gamemodes and came across Devinity Flood Servers and have been playing ever since
    What can you bring to the Devinity Team:
    I believe that personally, I'm a very creative and interactive person so I could definitely create a fun atmosphere for all new and old players with a lot of involvement within the ingame community and have many fun chats in discord and onthe forums.
    Why do you want to be part of the Devinity Team:
    As i mentioned, I have been part of the Devinity community since 2015 and highly enjoy the game mode but have niced a lot of trolls which ruin the game for everyone and while I try to use my VoteKick/Voteban abilities to better the gaming experience it sometimes isn't enough to prevent trolls. I see myself often helping new players by teaching them which props to use and how to start off but have always wanted to be in the position of an actual staff member actively helping the community.
    Do you have any past experience with the position you've chosen:
    I've been staff on many servers and even reached SuperAdmin in one after being a dedicated member and a very active GMod member.I had been staff on NRGaming (DarkRp) multiple times but had to resign a few times due to having to focus on education and other IRL situations. I've also been staff on some other less know servers but most of the time if im very involved with a community I'll apply for staff to improve the gaming experience for everyone
    Have you ever posted a ban request, and if so, was it accepted:
    How fast/well can you type:
    I can type at 64Wpm at 98% accuracy
    What is your favorite part of Devinity:
    My favorite part of devinity is the uniqueness of the game modes which are provided which are not commonly around which really makes the community special and one of a kind.
    If you got full command over Devinity, what is the first thing you would change:
    I would probably include a daily rewards system where players receive random rewards for every extra consecutive day on the server which increases in value the more days accumulated. which would engage more players.

    Flood Scenario Responses
    Scenario 1 (You witness a player leave a prop on another player's boat. The second player doesn't seem to notice. What do you do? What do you do if you find him doing it again next round?)
    I would first communicate with the person who has placed the prop onto the other player's boat and ask them to remove it, if they refuse/don't respond to me I would move it myself in the hopes that they wouldn't do it again as well as warn them that if they keep doing it they will be kicked. If they do it again next round after me warning them, they will be kicked. If this behavior continues, I will have to band them for an appropriate time frame.
    Scenario 2 (You see two players whom are not on the same team shooting at a mutual target. While the players aren't close to each other, their target is claiming that they're trucing against him. What do you do?)
    I would assess the situation without them knowing that I'm on the server as they may stop if they see my role and determine based on many different variables such as their distance per rounds and any body movement such as nodding. If this continues i will give them a verbal warning and if such behavior persists, i will proceed to kick them and if repeated a ban.
    Scenario 3 (A player is spamming chat asking/begging people to join his team. No matter what you do he won't reason with you and continues to spam. What do you do? The same player returns later and begins doing it again, what do you do now?)
    i would remind them that they are not allowed to do so and nicely ask them to stop, if they continue, i will mute them and ask them to read the rules, if this behavior persists after their mute has expired, I would warn them again and if they keep doing it ban them for a short period of time ( 2 hours) in the hopes that they wouldn't do it again.
    Scenario 4 (A player joins the server and immediately starts spamming chat with advertisements of another server. You've seen him do this before you were staff. What do you do as a junior moderator? What do you do as a moderator?)
    Firstly I would ask them to stop and if this continues I would mute them for a short period of time after the mute is over if they do it again they receive a kick and after that, if they do it again a short ban/Prolonged mute. (not too sure of the different permissions of a Mod/Junior Mod)
    Scenario 5 (A player shot a dead player's props 10 seconds after that player had died, what actions do you take? What actions do you take if the same player starts doing it maliciously next round?)
    I would first let them know that it is against the rules to shoot a dead players props unless they are obstructing their line of sight onto another player's props which is alive and if they do so again would receive a kick for farming, if continued then a ban would have to be imposed

    Any other information we might need
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  2. Ragingboss0731

    Ragingboss0731 Member

    Jul 7, 2015
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    PS: Pretty sure I have over a week maybe even 3+ weeks of playtime on flood not sure why it auto-filled 1 Week??

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