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Flood - HOROKAI - Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by krutolapov2014, Aug 3, 2022 at 12:27 PM.

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    Apr 28, 2016
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    Staff Application for HOROKAI

    Application Position:
    Flood Moderator

    Ingame Name:
    Steam Profile URL:
    Discord Tag:
    Tell us about yourself:
    Hello, my name is Vladimir, more often called Volodya. I'm finishing college this year. My hobbies are 3d modeling, selling accounts,drawing, photoshop skills, playing guitar.

    How long have you been a registered user on Steam:
    October 13, 2014.
    How much time can you dedicate to do the position you chose:
    2-10 hours is a situational matter
    Server playtime:
    6 days
    How did you find out about Devinity:
    In 2016, I watched the video of the popular YouTuber for the game Garry's mod. At that time, he was shooting a video about the flood. This was new to me and I bought this game just for this mode.Later I discovered RP servers
    What can you bring to the Devinity Team:
    Ideas and assets
    Perform their duties
    Be Active in the discord channel

    Why do you want to be part of the Devinity Team:
    For some reason, this is where I am most pleased to be.For all the time that I have been playing on this server, I have met many people. With whom I still communicate. "Devinity" unites people. After all, after the game, communication flows into "Discord" and some manage to meet in real life
    Do you have any past experience with the position you've chosen:
    I used to be an administrator on the DarkRP server, which was a pretty frightening experience, since I had to memorize a very large number of rules. But now I realized that I was studying the principle of the little world
    Have you ever posted a ban request, and if so, was it accepted:
    Filed two complaints. They are all accepted
    How fast/well can you type:
    Blind printing but there are problems with commas
    What is your favorite part of Devinity:
    "Flood" water battles are cool
    If you got full command over Devinity, what is the first thing you would change:
    The project is stable, there is a consequence behind any action, so in this case a strict and well-thought-out approach is needed.I would consider the economy first of all, people should not be scared off by working on servers 24/7.I would bring an object of motivation to play for the players. And, of course, all changes are made in the course of events, so I can't say for sure

    Flood Scenario Responses
    Scenario 1 (You witness a player leave a prop on another player's boat. The second player doesn't seem to notice. What do you do? What do you do if you find him doing it again next round?)
    To begin with, I will tell him "don't do this, it's not according to the rules of the game" if he ignores the kick, if he logs on to the server again and continues then ban 1-3 days (all this in a polite form of communication)
    Scenario 2 (You see two players whom are not on the same team shooting at a mutual target. While the players aren't close to each other, their target is claiming that they're trucing against him. What do you do?)
    This rule is quite subtle in understanding, it is quite difficult to understand whether it is a truce if a person. First of all, the distance between two or more players who are shooting at a common target. If they are about 1 room away from you, then there are 2 options. The first option is that they don't see each other. The latter deliberately benefit from cooperation, and in this case they should be warned. At the same time, there may be a situation where the enemy is so dangerous that as long as he shoots his opponent, he is safe. The so-called instinct of self-preservation. but this is a rather multifaceted case, and it's worth checking if they repeat the same actions in subsequent rounds. If they repeat, in a text chat warn them, a warning. well, then according to the scheme. Slay --> Kick --> Ban This rule is not limited to a distance of 1 room. Punishments are imposed as they are violated, and if a person had previous violations, the term is increased (all this in a polite form of communication)
    Scenario 3 (A player is spamming chat asking/begging people to join his team. No matter what you do he won't reason with you and continues to spam. What do you do? The same player returns later and begins doing it again, what do you do now?)
    Spam of any kind - disabling the ability to speak in text/voice chat for 5-7 minutes.
    And naturally warn the violator. If he continues then kick.After returning, if everything repeats again, give a ban for 1 hour -1 day.

    Scenario 4 (A player joins the server and immediately starts spamming chat with advertisements of another server. You've seen him do this before you were staff. What do you do as a junior moderator? What do you do as a moderator?)
    =Junior moderator=
    -Warn the violator via text/voice chat to immediately stop spam advertising. If it does not stop issuing the maximum ban. At the same time, it is advisable to start video recording or screenshots. Then inform the higher-level people about this violation.
    Spam of any kind - disabling the ability to speak in text/voice chat for 5-7 minutes.
    And naturally warn the violator. If he continues then kick.After returning
    Subsequent violations will lead to Slay --> Kick --> Ban +With the decision of higher-ups

    Scenario 5 (A player shot a dead player's props 10 seconds after that player had died, what actions do you take? What actions do you take if the same player starts doing it maliciously next round?)
    If the player is hindered by the raft, then there is no violation in this.But if a person is intentionally joking or in another sense, warn if he repeats slay and warn if the situation repeats in the next round, then kick. Subsequent violations entail a ban

    Any other information we might need
    Next year I will have a thesis I will devote about 1 hour of time if possible, but it's not soon yet
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