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    This text has been translated into English using Google translator with some of my edits. I hope you get it right.

    The essence of the problem: the game became boring. There are ways to solve this problem, which I will describe below. It is not necessary to introduce all these changes, I just suggested options, you can enter some of them. Yes, I saw on the forum there are separate topics, but Russian guys duck the system. This topic is still being finalized. I have a lot more ideas, but all at once I can’t remember
    • For the game to become diverse, it is necessary that the players constantly make different boats from different prophes. Make prop lives random. Then you will never see a boat made of two panels from soda machines and two doors.
    • Combination of props give bonuses. Original idea by Dawson and its full description: PROP COMBOS
    • Make events much more often. This will diversify the game
    • Well and most importantly, the economy is shit. Making money for buying skins is suitable (on average, a skin costs about 200 tokens, which is 400,000 money, fine), but guns can be bought in literally a day or two. Make weapons more valuable. Weapons can be made free, if the limits on weapons are introduced, then the player can only choose what he likes. Thus, beginners will not be infringed in comparison with old players on the server.
    • You can do something like seasons (some time intervals). Introduce some seasonal achievements, rating points, percentage of victories and defeats and all in such a way that players can spend hours of their life reaching a certain figure on the screen. It works, look at games like DOTA2.
    • You can also change the accuracy and damage values of weapons, make popular weapons weaker, and unpopular ones more powerful. From the popular I can single out a rocket launcher, a quick-firing sniper, from the unpopular - all sorts of pistols and machine guns.
    • Also in the game a lot of weapons. At a minimum, you need to organize convenient switching. Now the situation is this, each player after a certain number of hours in the game can redeem all the top guns and bend along with people who play for days. We need to make some kind of pumping system, one level - simple guns, a level higher, more powerful guns. This will stimulate playing and pumping. All MMORPGs work like that, thousands play them.
    • We need to make weapon limits. At the moment, when the player has all the cannons available, he can simply release one clip from each one and not even reload them, which is almost a thousand damage at once and having a small raft, such a player will immediately be in the black for a good amount.
    • Making a default rope instead of welding is also a good idea. Welding makes the game too easy and kills the whole creative. Ropes will make the gameplay more interesting.
    • You can make rounds faster. 5 minutes is a very long time, in reality, the raft is being built for about a minute (in the current meta), I just minimize the game and manage to watch the series. Seriously. No dynamics.
    • You can corny change the map, seriously, this square pool is already sick of it.
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    A very good idea, especially about rating points, percentage of victories and defeats.