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  1. Rick

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    This is a proposal for an alternative to the tournament system we've tried before.

    It is essentially a system of ELO, similar to the way that ranking that games like League, Overwatch (I think), CS:GO (again, I think) and even chess ranks their players.

    How would it work?

    As is, the difficulty with the tournament is the logistics of getting people to fight eachother. We all want to see who the best player is, but everybody has different schedules.

    This system avoids this by allowing you to play against whoever you want, whenever you want. All you need to do is play flood regularly, and try to win the round.

    • For a set period of the year, the "season", the following will be active:
    • Everybody will have an ELO associated with their account. This will start at 1000.
    • If you win a round, your ELO will be increased by an amount.
    • If you lose a round, your ELO will be decreased by an amount.
    • If you draw a round, your ELO will be increased by an amount (Less than if you won).
    • This change will be based on the number of players, the number of players on your team, and the ELO of all of the players in the match.
    • These changes would only be made with a minimum amount of players on the server.
    This would allow us to make a ranking separate to the levels system. It ranks you on how good at the game you are and is not dependent on how long you've been around for.

    Rewards and Rankings

    It's all good that you want to be the best player in the season, but no.1 on the forums is only worth so much. For this reason we'd also introduce a ranking system for you to flaunt with ingame.

    When the season ends. You'll be given a ranking depending on what percentile of players you ended up in. Along with this would be an icon displayed next to your name in game, showing everybody how much of an epic gamer you are.

    I haven't come up with these icons as we would need to come up with a good idea for the ranks' titles before we do this. I've used the ones from league as an example.

    The distribution of player's winrates is fairly well modeled which allows us to set up these ranks with the boundaries we want. Here's a suggestion. The rank titles shown cannot be used as they clash with the VIP rewards.


    Feedback/Suggestions for rank titles is appreciated
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  2. Lime

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    Mar 17, 2019
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    I never participated in a tournament before so the whole thing is new to me. I looked at the thread for the Spring 2019 Tournament and prefer this Flood Tournament Alternative proposal as it is lenient with players' schedules rather than being added to a roster to participate. In addition, the rewards given are not exclusive other than titles which in all honesty, promotes a more friendly environment because generally elo systems implemented in games fuel competition into the extremes as long as titles are purely for bragging rights. I don't know how long this season or tournament will last, but as with any tournament or ranking-based game requires strict moderation to ensure no player plays unfairly (prop pushing, boat pinning, etc). I would like to see this alternative tournament proposal on the server. On a side note, do you think the rank title of Champion would fit better in place of Pro?