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Flood - when the ege is sus - Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by when the ege is sus, May 19, 2023.

  1. when the ege is sus

    when the ege is sus Member

    May 15, 2023
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    sa as#7323
    Staff Application for when the ege is sus

    Application Position:
    Flood Moderator

    Ingame Name:
    when the ege is sus
    Steam Profile URL:
    Discord Tag:
    sa as#7323
    Tell us about yourself:
    I am a guy that loves playing video games and while playing them I
    love brainstorming about different ideas, theory crafting etc.

    How long have you been a registered user on Steam:
    It must be 5 or 6 years i think.
    How much time can you dedicate to do the position you chose:
    I can play 5-6 days a week for 3-4 hours.
    Server playtime:
    21 hours
    How did you find out about Devinity:
    I was searching for a flood server and the only server I could find was Devinity. I am pretty happy that I could really find a server to play flood that is also pretty good in terms of other things.
    What can you bring to the Devinity Team:
    I think I can help people if they have problems with other players, bugs, or anything related to server etc.
    Why do you want to be part of the Devinity Team:
    Because i love this server and the gamemode it hosts. Flood really ignites your imagination, it isn't like any other mode you can play in g-mod.
    Do you have any past experience with the position you've chosen:
    No, I don't.
    Have you ever posted a ban request, and if so, was it accepted:
    I was about to post a ban request but then i thought about it and gave them another chance and didn't post it, they were crossteaming on me and killing me by building right in front of me being 3 persons 2 in a team and 1 not being in a team.
    How fast/well can you type:
    I can type very fast while not making writing mistakes, as a matter of the fact i can type anything i want without any mistakes while even being blindfolded, typing a lot really makes you able to do that.
    What is your favorite part of Devinity:
    It is one of the very few (or the last) flood server that people can play in. Also i love people in here, most of them are very friendly.
    If you got full command over Devinity, what is the first thing you would change:
    I would do balance changes more freuqently to shake up the meta and see how people try to adapt to these changes. I wouldn't do harsh nerfs or buffs to anything, but it would be cool to see.

    Flood Scenario Responses
    Scenario 1 (You witness a player leave a prop on another player's boat. The second player doesn't seem to notice. What do you do? What do you do if you find him doing it again next round?)
    I would tell the player that according to the rules of the server, you can't leave props on another player's boat, and I will ask him to delete or move that prop. If he doesn't listen to me, First I would warn him. If he continues to do this, I would kick him off the server. I would ban him if he does it again.
    Scenario 2 (You see two players whom are not on the same team shooting at a mutual target. While the players aren't close to each other, their target is claiming that they're trucing against him. What do you do?)
    First of all I need to be sure if they are really cross teaming or not. I would inspect them for a few rounds. If I am sure that they are really cross teaming I would first warn them, If they kept doing it even after my warning then I would kick them. If they would do that one more time I would ban them for the last time.
    Scenario 3 (A player is spamming chat asking/begging people to join his team. No matter what you do he won't reason with you and continues to spam. What do you do? The same player returns later and begins doing it again, what do you do now?)
    I would first warn him, if he continues to spam i would silence him. After that if he is doing it again I would kick him and then ban him for the last time if he would do that again.
    Scenario 4 (A player joins the server and immediately starts spamming chat with advertisements of another server. You've seen him do this before you were staff. What do you do as a junior moderator? What do you do as a moderator?)
    I have seen the player do this again so I must've warned this player because of the same behaviour before ,according to that I would silence him immediately, then kick him if I would see him keep doing that. Finally if he kept doing this after my warnings I would ban the player.
    Scenario 5 (A player shot a dead player's props 10 seconds after that player had died, what actions do you take? What actions do you take if the same player starts doing it maliciously next round?)
    I would first warn him in the first round by also explaining why he/she shouldn't do that, then if he continued doing that in the next round I would kick him, even after that if he keeps doing the same thing I would ban him. I really think it is a very bad behaviour especially against new players because they lack money to buy new props,weapons etc.

    Any other information we might need
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