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    Due to multiple complications in the process of changing operating systems on our dedicated machine unfortunately we've lost a chunk of forum and server data. However, we've taken this opportunity to make some changes and tweaks to both the forum and server, and will be moving forward from here.

    All forum accounts, posts, messages, and data have been deleted and all users who wish to participate in the community are advised to register again at this time. Information on signing in through Steam can be found in this thread.

    The forum software has been updated, I've made tweaks to the design, and created a fresh logo for Devinity to symbolize the fresh start. Important stickies have been preserved/recreated, otherwise the forums have been restored back to a stable and functional state, and members may begin registering and using the community freely now. There may be some nuances in the config of the forum, and so I encourage any issues or concerns to be reported in the Bug Reports section.

    The Flood server data including weapons, cash, tokens, playtime, and etc. have also been purged. All VIP ranks have been kept in tact, and claims have been reset so that VIPs will receive the cash, tokens, and benefits that coincide with their rank upon joining the server. Otherwise we will take this opportunity to make some tweaks and adjustments to the economy to help improve the player's experience and hopefully to help make it feel more rewarding than it was previously.

    We understand the inconveniences our tribulations may have caused the community, and we sincerely apologize for this. However, we hope you will all look forward to joining us in our tenacious journey onward.
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