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    Many people have had great ideas for events, the problem being is that they do not know how to portray that idea. Our coder @Donkie simply won't even consider an idea that is half assed or made so that other people fill in the blanks. Here are some guidelines to go by in order to give a good event suggestion.

    1. How well do you know Gmod in general, our Flood game mode, or what coding your suggestion would entail? There are numerous restrictions when coding in Gmod. It runs off of the source engine and means that some things simply are not possible. If you do not know much about it, you would be better off doing some research to see if a certain thing is possible. This way you do not make a suggestion that is impossible to do.
    2. Have at least 90% of your details worked out already. I understand having some things that you are unsure about, but do not make an event suggestion that consists of "one thing that you think would be cool to add if we had other stuff to go with it." These are half-assed ideas that will be turned down or probably not even looked at.
    3. When making your thread, make it look tidy and neat. Do not make a thread that is one giant paragraph with run on sentences and bad grammar. You will make yourself look dumb really quick. Use bullet points for each change that would be made from the normal game mode. For example, say you wanted to add a new weapon that would be used for this game mode. Use a bullet point to describe why that weapon would be used, what it does, and a link for it (usually in the steam workshop).
    4. Look through previous events that have been made or suggested. You want to make sure that your suggestion or something similar hasn't been suggested before. If it has been, then you could possibly just build on that idea or make suggestions for changes that would make it better. You could also look at accepted ideas to see how they presented their idea.
    5. Be creative! While the source engine can be restrictive, it does have a lot of features that can be utilized. There are also numerous tools, weapons, and other add ons available in Gmod and the workshop. Search around for things you think we could use to make a new event.
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