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    This is a general thread for those of you who like to chase the high. Discuss how, when, why and also talk about things such as public opinion, the law surrounding certain narcotics etc.

    I regularly smoke DMT. It's pretty nice if you stuff it inbetween two bunches of leaves and shove it in a bong. I've tried smoking it in a joint but it doesn't do it for me, bongs are just generally more relaxing.

    Tbh I feel like I come away from a DMT trip with my entire sense of reality more positive, I won't do it too often but when I do it's brilliant. (Never had a bad trip).

    Tbh I can see why it's illegal in a lot of places because a lot of people have very bad experiences, but I've never had a bad trip and I always feel as if it's effected me more positively than Marijuana or E for example.

    Any discussion that takes away from the discussion of narcotics is spam.
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    @Rick can we keep this thread separate from the Marijuana thread? As in "Drugs other than Marijuana"?

    I used to take shrooms a lot when I was in my early 20s, they were mostly fun when around good company and had a life changing effect on you the more you took them. I didn't trip to bad, but you see some shit that you don't normally see. Hard to explain really.

    Never had a take at DMT though as I never wanted to go past shrooms.
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    I experimented a ton through high school, but I like to think I've moved on and learned from that. There were some experiences I had that were vivid, and left a lasting impression. I recognize the negatives now though.
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