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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod: Flood' started by Panci┬as, Oct 3, 2015.

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    As I've seen many times the most probable scale (as in many servers) the buoyancy of a prop is messured:

    -Very good: Prop can hold/lift up other props/players and still float, if alone it can float perfectly just as a boat.

    Good: Prop can lift a player or maybe two and lift up some light props, if alone it can float and barely lift a player

    -Average: Prop can float by itself, increase buoyancy of boats and props and can't hold no player on top.

    -Bad: The prop can't float by itself/hold up other players/ lift any other prop and it reduces buoyancy of a boat if attached to one.

    -Very bad: Prop sinks other props or badly affects their buoyancy, can't float alone, will never float by itself, if attached to a boat it can unbalance it or sink it in some cases.

    But why is the buy categorized as "good" in buoyancy when if you stand on it, it sinks so as the metal doors they can't hold no player, maybe increase the buoyancy of boats and the list goes with other props.


    Change the buoyancy of certain/said props to average or bad in some cases so that they are better categorized and don't get mixed up with good or bad floating props.

    Gman wants change:
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    This is already being discussed in a different thread.
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