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    The entire purpose of this thread is to compile a list of prop changes to be brought up to @Bayrock and @counter at the upcoming November conference, and after if needed.

    For a while now the struggle for new players has always been a small problem, but a problem nevertheless hence why it should be dealt with accordingly, whilst also dealing with the issue of overpriced and underused props in the process.

    The ultimate goal by the end of this thread is to ensure that after the November 2019 conference, the entire staff team and majority playerbase will be happy with the condition in which props and their prices respectively are.

    Please note that everything in this thread is purely a suggestion and in no way should be 100% added, so if you suggest something in the comments and it isn't changed due to disagreement then don't be disheartened from posting more changes you feel would be beneficial!

    I'll start the thread off with a few of my own suggestions, any agreements or disagreements can be posted and quoted in the comments, and compromise can be made if a compelling argument is presented as to why it's a good/bad change.

    Vending Machine

    Arguably the staple of boat building here in devinity, a prop that no matter the situation will always be viable, but currently I feel as though this prop needs some love.

    Currently sitting at 295HP and $300 this prop isn't the most cost effective, what with its unstable balance whilst only using one of them, and its broad shape making it relatively easy to hit, reducing the price to say 220 would make this prop more economically viable when paired with the other one, reducing the total cost from $600 to $440.

    One tonne
    Sitting at 1000HP and a $500 pricetag, you think you're getting a good deal, however taking into consideration everyone and their grandparents golden guns you at the start of the round, I think it's safe to say this prop needs a reduction in price to avoid the considerable loss in the event of this happening. Something around the $350 - $400 range would be more appropriate, arguably less than this but small adjustments to begin with.

    Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below and be sure to include reasoning behind them, and keep it civil.

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    buff gazebo
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    Oh boy. Will need to get back up to speed at some point with changes since last time. Will be happy to assess current schtuff and focus on a particular facet in need of attention, based on collective input / advisory. Whatever may currently be more of a priority.
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