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    I have long had ideas about some new minor events, and now I think they can be shared
    Random Floating event
    Probably cool will look at 1 ton, which is good to stay on the water:thinking:

    This event replaces all the props parameter "Floating" with random. That is for example: 1 Ton - Floating: Good, Vending machine - Floating: Extremely bad.
    But among other things, the themselves will not be spoiled with their Floating (somehow so)
    Because of what each prop will have to be checked for buoyancy in water.
    You can also make restrictions so that there is not a lot of "Extremely bad" and "Good" floating.
    Random Cost event (I don't know how to call it lel))((
    Ordinary event, with an ordinary idea. The cost of each props will be generated from 1 to 1000 $
    In order to somehow diversify the event, you can make a reduced time for players to think faster.

    You and I
    In this event, you will be given an occasional ally from the entire list on the server (that is, 2/2 team). After that, you start building your boat with him, and fight with other similarly generated teams.
    The concept itself is similar to a team event, with only 1 mate.
    For random names of teams, you can take the names of animals: D
    The limit for each team is 10 props
    Damage for props is increased in x2.

    Probably the most cool, and difficult to implement idea
    Double disaster / Double event / All random :thinking:

    So. I think it's clear that with this event 2 random events are included at once. I immediately came up with the idea of the Mortar + Team event, similar to War of the Worlds.
    So. With this event, all events and their combinations can be included, except: Pirates, Zombies, Juggernaut, Haste, Flash Freeze, Random loadout + One weapon, Rope building + Acid water, Team event + You and I (if this added) (It's still possible, and even need to add some combinations that look silly / difficult to play with)
    Also in the chat will write what exactly will be included events.
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    Maybe there can be more time in build phase for random buoyancy event? If it's going to show ??? like it does in your image, it's going to take a while to test every prop. I like the idea though.

    I also like You and I. Interesting concept.