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    1. During the Juggernaut events, you can buy a Gun cabinet for Juggernauts
    2.In Q there are Teams:group: at the top right (for creating a team and entering a team), Settings:wrench: (Change the sound in the game and music, include 3 persons, and so on), a Store:money_dollar: (you can buy skins for tokens, and a token costs 2000:money_dollar: for tokens:coins:), Voting:sport_football: (For VIP, voting for events, skip), Help/commands:phone: (rule and commands: !act dance, !content, and so on).
    At the top left are Props:package: (purchase of propa), Weapons and Utilities:bomb: (purchase of weapons), Purchase:heart: (donation), Leaderboards:shield: (damage statistics (per day, week, month) and level)
    3.In the store, when you right-click on the skin, you can see what it looks like
    4.When you take a weapon, you can click on C, you can see the characteristics of the weapon (not all weapons)
    5.follow this link to see statistics in flood and battle royale
    (this is the creator's stats)
    6.On the Tab button, you can look at the table of players and when you right-click on the player, you can copy the ID and nickname, look at the steam account, infractions, request ban.
    when you click on the player with the left mouse button, you can see how much is playing, weapons, achievements, the level when you started playing and the steam account.
    To the right of the player's name, you can mute
    Tab you can see the amount of player's money, the number of deaths, the team (if any), the level.
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