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    Conference Assessment
    This is a thread where notes on the pertaining conference will be kept.
    You are free to comment or post anything related to the conference.

    An extensive document outlining Devinity Conference guidelines can be found here
    Information on our Discord server can be found here

    The conference is planned for:
    September 8th from 6:00 pm UTC I 1:00 pm EST
    Please post in this thread if you cannot attend this date.
    Discussion Subjects:
    • Halloween ideas
    • Development
    • BR anticheat
    • Branch out to new games
    We ask the discussions to be done one topic at a time, do not derail the discussion with a entirely different subject.

    At the end of the conference, we will ask if anyone has anything else to discuss, then the meeting will officially be closed followed by a gaming session.
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    Here are the notes from last night's conference, let me know if I have missed anything and I will update appropriately.

    • Donkie gets to the meeting late and then immediately starts talking about sensitive information publicly.
    • Donkie then proceeds to mess up the order of the conference and people should at him.
    • Donkie introduces the conference and begins the announcements.
    • Bayrock is assumed to be asleep.
    • Donkie asks for feedback on the reporting system and all is positive, he will be introducing the system to the EU BR server soon.
    • Other than that there has only been minor changes to the server as of recently.
    • Hateful starts off the discussion by mating unpleasant guttural coughs and continuously sniffling. This continues for the entire meeting.
    • Brendon is promoted to moderator.
    • Donkie leaks sensitive information regarding this promotion.
    • The gamemode "King" is discussed as there has been talk recently of expanding the server-base. Rick + Donkie recently tested it and agreed that it would require a lot of improvement on behalf of the developer before it is seriously considered.
    • Additionally the prospect of a Minecraft server is mentioned, Brendon has recently shown an interest in this and it is decided that he (and anyone else with a serious interest) should be allowed to look into it further as Donkie says he would like to have minimum engagement with the project.
    • On this topic it is agreed that there are no reasons to restrict the contributions of non-staff / moderators / junior moderators to the servers (eg. Counter with /floodweapons and Brendon with Minecraft).
    • BR anticheat bans will now be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Admin team, and this will generally involve a vote.
    • Discussion is held on whether it is even worth keeping the anticheat, the discussion is inconclusive and Donkie says he will try to contact the author of the program to get some help troubleshooting.
    • Donkie will try to save videos of players banned by the anticheat for both deciding whether it is worth keeping, and for appeals purposes.
    • Some weapon reskins for flood are suggested by Donkie on behalf of Counter and a few other members. These are generally disliked.
    • Bayrock wakes up.
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    The last line: Bayrock wakes up. :steamhappy: Thats the reason why u put it here lol.
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