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    This is a thread where notes on the pertaining conference will be kept.

    You are free to comment or post on anything related to the conference here.
    A document outlining Devinity Conference guidelines can be found by clicking ---> HERE <---

    This thread is for notes on a conference that took place on:

    October 18th @ 5:38 PM EST/ 10:38 GMT

    - All eligible staff are expected to attend if possible
    - Attendees are expected to participate in the discussion and provide feedback
    - Post-conference gaming session will be held
    - Majority vote on what game to play (e.g Garry's Mod, L4D, Counter Strike)
    - Staff are not required to participate in post-conference activities


    22:38 GMT, 18/10/2014

    Banter Ensues.
    Today is Independence day in Azerbaijan, have a good day everybody.
    Window licker doesn't like the colour scheme for the forums, this can be changed at the bottom of the page.
    Decap asks if Rick will ever give him up.
    Decap asks if Rick will ever let him down.
    Rick adds that he will never turn around and desert Decap.
    Decap suggest a private section for the forums for Staff, this would be to discuss staff only issues, Jeffery likes the idea and says that he will ask Bayrock and Donkie about the practicality of this.
    vovin asks for a tumblr, unfortunately several of the staff here are White, Middle class males, so this would have a negative effect on our community as a whole.
    Rollie says that there should be a chatbox and a forums section for VIP only, jeffrey says once again that he likes the idea and will bring it up with the development team.
    Window licker interrupts the meeting several times.
    vovin tells a top joke about flood.
    Somebody suggests ranks for teamspeak, Rick points out that working with the permissions can be a little annoying but is sure that Bayrock would be able to manage it quite easily.
    Jetpacks in flood.
    More ingame models, and guns are suggested, Jeffrey says that it's easy to implement these things and that if somebody wants a specific one they should PM him with the workshop details and he will look into it.
    A voteround option is suggested for VIP+ and is met with very positive feedback.
    Donkie arrives but Jeffrey points out that unfortunately Donkie no longer has a mouth due to being part of the human centipede project. RIP donkie's mouth.
    People bitch about falling though Boats but donkie does not appear to give a fuck, maybe he'll look into it in the future.
    Short discussion on trucing, unless somebody can come up with some wording that isn't a paragraph long, Jeffrey will change it.
    People bitch about grenades and some suggestions are made as to how we can reduce how ridiculously overpowered they are, suggestions include: Reducing the amount of grenades given relative to the amount of people in a team, reducing the amount of grenades altogether, reducing the damage, making them more difficult to use. The most popular suggestion seems to be the first.
    Somebody brings up the fact that new players are at a huge disadvantage, a conversation begins on how to give them more of a chance to advance within the game, some of the more popular suggestions include: Renting weapons, Having a free weapon of the week, Trial periods on weapons.
    Decap suggests random weapon drops similar to that of TF2, this could be where players are randomly given weapons (With better weapons becoming increasingly rare to drop) and given them permanently, this would give players something to fight with other than a 9mm. Or perhaps a weapon with limited ammunition would be given, and when that ammunition is used up it would dissipate.
    Donkie says that in the future there may or may not be special holiday events ([​IMG]).
    Somebody suggests that certain aspects of these events could be carried on all year round for VIPs, or that players would have a limited amount of time to purchase things such as playermodels and would not have the option to purchase specific playermodels until the next holiday event.
    Somebody also suggests that there could be a discount on VIP benifits during this event, this is met with positive attitudes but Bayrock says that he doesn't want to turn this into a money-grab event.
    Rick points out that the Area of Impact on the Mortars is huge and should be lowered to allow players to more easily maneuver them.
    Somebody suggests a gun that causes mortars to appear where pointed, this would be too overpowered.
    Bayrock proposes to Jeff, then becomes bored of the relationship and attempts to seduce Donkie.
    People ask for more aesthetics for VIPs, ranging from VIP exclusive playermodels to a firework gun.
    Donkie says that there may or may not be a Halloween update on the 24th of October.
    People ask for more props on flood in general.
    A huge 20 minute discussion on 'Beacons' takes place, Jeffrey has apparently been playing too much Minecraft lately, beacons would be small, perhaps free objects that would be able to be placed onto your boat that would give effects like Health Regen, Armour, Overheal and Teleporting. The most popular idea appears to be that these are free, but you are only able to place one per round. Perhaps certain effects will be VIP only.
    People still want more aesthetics.
    After the suggestion of a flamethrower and a watergun, donkie says that he may implement a graphics option that lowers the amount of particles rendered client-side.
    People should use TS more.
    The meeting is closed at exactly 00:00 GMT 19/10/2014
    Also this morning somebody suggested that in the Q menu, when scrolling over props, the maximum amount of the specific prop that can we spawned should be displayed alongside health, buoyancy, ect.

    Thanks to all those who attended the first successful devinity conference!​
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