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Important Unban Guidelines and template

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by counter, Nov 12, 2019.

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    This thread serves as a rule book for both community members and staff regarding ban disputes. Any exceptions or circumstances will be marked with an asterisk.

    If you are a player that wishes to appeal, please consider reading the below before heading straight to the template so you're familiar with your rights as a player and the discretion of our staff.

    You should post on an unban request thread if:
    • You've made the unban request
    • You've issued the ban or have any crucial relation/direct involvement to the request
    • You have evidence that applies to the request

    General Policy
    • All players are allowed to dispute their ban.
    • Players should not be ignored on any medium (forum conversation, steam, discord, etc.) if they wish to discuss their appeal with a staff member.
    • Staff members (who issued the ban) should handle appeals in a rational manner.
    • Staff members may deny a player's appeal if they are unreasonably rude or disrespectful in their appeal process.
    • Staff members should conclude or respond to the player's appeal within a day the thread has been posted whereas possible.
    • Staff members can postpone an appeal within reasonable measures.
    • If no response is made to the appeal by the staff member or the staff member is no longer present, the Admins should handle the appeal.
    • We trust the words and wisdom of all of our staff but if we are getting a large amount of appeals or complaints from their bans, we may require them to record evidence.
    Temporary Bans
    • Players may appeal any type of temporary ban, however it isn't guaranteed that staff will be able to respond to every appeal in a reasonable time.
    • Players should (although not necessarily required) post some type of evidence that they weren't breaking the rules.
    Permanent Bans
    • Permanent bans are usually issued with pure certainty that the player in question has contributed to some type of major detriment to the community. If you are one of these, you may appeal regardless of evidence after 6 months.
    • If you've been unjustly banned and (although not necessarily required) have some sort of evidence to prove that you were not breaking the rules, we strongly encourage you to appeal.
    • If you have been banned by the now-deprecated anticheat and wish to appeal, we strongly encourage you to do so regardless of circumstance.
    Forum and Discord Bans
    • If you are reading this and are currently banned and wish to appeal any type of ban, we encourage you to contact an Admin on steam or discord.
    In order for us to carry all appeals efficiently, we encourage you to use the template below so we are able to get as much contextualization as possible:

    Brief description of what happened before you were banned: (required)

    Reason why you should be unbanned: (required)

    Admin who banned you:

    SteamID: (use this link to find your steamid)

    Evidence: (if applicable; evidence can include serverlogs on the request of the player)

    [b]Brief description of what happened before you were banned[/b]:
    [b]Reason why you should be unbanned[/b]:
    [b]Admin who banned you[/b]:

    If your appeal has been denied and still believe that your ban is unjustified, contact @Viral or @Sotori via steam or discord so we can help resolve your issue.


    Handling Requests
    In addition to the above, we generally expect our staff to handle appeals based on these following factors:

    • When evaluating an unban request, consider the following questions to help with passing off the appropriate judgement.
    • Is the player sincere with his/her words?
    • Does the player appear remorseful/apologetic for what they had done?
    • Does the player appear to wish to be apart of the community?
    • Did the player appear to take his time into creating the appeal?
    • Is the ban justifiable if I was this player?
    • We have a zero tolerance standing on cheating.
    • There has been no case of the anti-cheat banning an innocent player. If someone claims he didn't cheat, he's lying.
    • Cheaters caught by the anti-cheat shouldn't be unbanned in any case, no matter how remorseful or apologetic.
    • All final decisions are to be applied fairly, equally and justly between staff and member alike.
    • Favoritism, relationships, affiliations, etc. are to play no part in influencing an outcome.

    • Please respect your fellow staff member's final decision when it comes to accepting/denying an appeal.
    • If you disagree with the outcome of a specific appeal, discuss it between the staff member of concern, contact @Viral or @Sotori
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