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Unwarn request...

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by Dog, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Dog

    Dog Member

    Jan 6, 2021
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    Brief description of what happened before you were warned:

    Alright firstly yes this does sound dumb, I know a warn is just a warn and I am probably the first person to appeal one but I truly feel the moderator was wrong in this situation and I don't like being permanently and publicly marked as a troublemaker because of it.

    A little about me, I am a solo player. I don't really try to meet flood friends I'm just here to play the game, not disrespect. I have been playing off and on the server for 3 maybe 4 years with no issue now. I know the rules well and follow all of them. I am not here to make trouble and I respect the grind as I personally staff on another TTT server and respect the importance of rules on any server. I have read the MOTD many times and I know what trucing is. I don't respect players who do it.

    I was on a very full server with HenryRenry and many others.

    HenryRenry, another player (Red Polo), and I were all fairly close together when the build phase ended and as such got into a firefight the second the round started. HenryRenry was attacking me, as well as this other nearby player Red Polo at the same time with his Eviscerator. Of course, we both fire back while he is melting out respective boats with his Eviscerator. Meanwhile another team of two starts attacking me from the middle of the map (we were on the corner of the solid ground in the free area). As soon I finish off HenryRenry I begin to target the team actively sniping my boat.

    HenryRenry (who I suspect was unhappy as he just lost his boat after targeting two players simultaneously and taking fire as a result) uses staff chat to tell me I must kill Red Polo now and not shoot any other players. This makes no sense to me as I am actively in a firefight and losing my boat to a team of two players in mid. Red Polo who was in a firefight with another player follows HenryRenry's instructions and shoots my boat. I am now taking fire from a team of two, and someone closer to me. I die seconds later to the team of two players in mid and HenryRenry warns me for "trucing" because I did not immediately target the closest player like a mindless robot who ignores the players actively shooting me.

    Frustrated with the undeserved warn, I talk with HenryRenry in admin chat who stands his ground and says "if someone is next to you, kill them, don't ignore them, it's trucing and it's not allowed. even if you're taking fire from someone else."

    After a short discussion, and immediate and undeserved warn, HenryRenry leaves the server.

    Reason why you should be unwarned:

    I simply was not trucing and HenryRenry acted brashly out of seeming frustration that he lost his boat. His immediate request that I stop shooting the team who is destroying my boat, and instead target another player who is in a firefight with someone else, simply because they are in close enough proximity goes against the “self-preservation” part of the definition of trucing on Devinity. I do not know this other player “Red Polo” and I don’t care about the wellbeing of his boat. We never messaged, spoke, or even direclty acknowledged one another's existence. Assuming I could kill the team of two who is actively destroying my boat I would gladly turn and melt their boat next.

    I feel this needs to be cleared up with the moderator himself and, as stupid as it is, I hope I could have my warn removed. I don’t want to be treated differently by staff in the future because I have a “prior record” for something I did not even do. I especially don’t like that its just publicly available, and people can look up my profile and see “ooh he’s a trucer, toxic.”

    Thank you for your consideration and time.

    Admin who warned you:







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  2. ok_henry

    ok_henry Member Staff Member Server Moderator

    Apr 6, 2020
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    Hello dog, I'm HenryRenry, So to start things off I'm deeply sorry for giving you a warning, from my perspective it looked super off-putting and suspicious that you two were both next to each other and not shooting at each other, I wasn't aware that you were taking fire from other people and you both were not aware about each other's presence, it's my fault and I'm sorry for it, it won't happen again, and also I wasn't frustrated about anything at that time, as for the part of me leaving, it was because I lost connection, my wifi router has a problem where it would shut down at random, and also this warning isnt going to make us staff look at you as a toxic trucer or anything like that, though i am unsure if moderators have the ability to remove warnings or not, also i wanted to mention this but at that time I was going through a lot of IRL problems [ not going to get in-depth about that] and I basically was in a constant stress mode which made me do stupid decisions, though I did take a 1-month break which has helped me greatly, again im sorry for this inconvenience, it wont happen again i promise!

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