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Account banned years ago probably

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by Kom0rebi, Jan 14, 2024.

  1. Kom0rebi

    Kom0rebi Member

    Jan 14, 2024
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    Brief description of what happened before you were banned: To be honest I have no Idea. My brother used to play on this account for years and i just wanted to play some gmod recently. Found your flood server which is the only one populated and wanted to join it. Got a nice surprise..

    Reason why you should be unbanned: No actual reason apart of me wanting to play flood again. I'm sorry if he did cheat even tho i don't get why he would cheat on a flood server. Anyway that was too long ago and he doesn't even remember this.

    Admin who banned you: Autoban i think : Banned permanently: !cake Anticheat: Incident


    Evidence:None, probably true.

    Thank you anyway, enjoy your day.