Ban Request against cebulka113

Discussion in 'Approved' started by Bender, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Ban Request Against cebulka113

    Target Name:
    Target SteamID:
    Target Forum Profile URL:

    Requester Name:
    [HZ]-R Logster004
    Requester Forum Profile URL:

    Event Date and Time:
    2016-07-23 16:24:44 UTC
    Devinity Flood EU #1
    What rules the target broke:
    09. Do not disrespect/annoy Devinity administration or your fellow players. (This includes harassment of any kind)
    10. Do not discriminate against other players. (On the basis of religion, sex, race, orientation, ethnicity, age, etc.)

    Briefly explain what happened:
    he was saying ni*er muiltiple times throught rounds please watch video till end

    Screenshot evidence:
    no screenshots
    Video evidence:

    Other evidence:
    he has said the N-WORD MUILTIPLE TIMES but i just got 4 minutes of him saying it please watch both videos fully
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.