Ban Request against chosenstark

Discussion in 'Legacy Reports' started by Bender, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. Bender

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    Ban Request Against chosenstark

    Target Name:
    Target SteamID:
    Target Forum Profile URL:

    Requester Name:
    Requester Forum Profile URL:

    Event Date and Time:
    9:04 AM Central: 6/6/2015
    Devinity Flood US #1
    What rules the target broke:
    03. Do not build "sky boats." (Boats with props that are suspended in the air)
    Briefly explain what happened:
    He raises Iron doors above his boat and welded them together.

    Screenshot evidence:

    Video evidence:

    Other evidence:
  2. Rick

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    Your first screenshot is taken from a quite terrible angle and thusly it's hard to see how "suspended" these props are. However from what I can just about make out from the second screenshot it does look like the player's props are deliberately suspended in the air.

    However this is the first offence from this player and I don't actually see any evidence of you, or anybody else asking them to stop. So I'm not going to ban the player. If you have any more evidence of this player doing this again or of the fact that people told him to stop or something. I'll happily give him a short ban, but in this instance I think that a player suspending his props slightly for one round isn't worthy of a ban.
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