Ban Request against Romello (Denied - Resonable doubt)

Discussion in 'Legacy Reports' started by Bender, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    Ban Request Against Romello

    Target Name:
    Target SteamID:
    Target Forum Profile URL:

    Requester Name:
    Requester Forum Profile URL:

    Event Date and Time:
    6.30pm-7pm GMT 8+
    Devinity Flood EU #1
    What rules the target broke:
    01. No minging or sabotage. (Do not mess with another player"s props without permission)
    02. Do not prop-push or prop climb. (Flinging props around aimlessly; using prop/s to launch yourself up to a higher spot)

    Briefly explain what happened:
    He started to interfere with my teams building of boats because of reasons untold

    Screenshot evidence:

    Video evidence:

    Other evidence:
    i have many more screenshots on my profile so please check them for more info if required
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    Jul 9, 2014
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    Sorry but I looked through all of your screenshots and none of them have the offenders name in them. It's obvious the person is breaking the rules, but I can't give a ban to the person if I can't see that it is him doing it. Next time @FunDip when you take a screenshot, aim your cursor at the person so it shows their name. Otherwise their is reasonable doubt and we can't ban them for it.
Thread Status:
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