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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod: Flood' started by Jacob, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Apr 24, 2015
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    Hello! I am going to introduce this boat expertise thread. Here's what you should do, this thread is for new players or players who want to experiment with boats. So:
    • Title of Boat
    • Recommend what it would be used for (ex. team boat, gamemode boat, single boat, etc.)
    • Post 3 screenshots of different angles of your boat (Demo is more helpful and optional on how to construct boat
    • List of props and tools needed to construct boat
    • Tips on what you should do on battle round for this boat
    • Ask players whether or not your boat was effective
    Now, since I have started this thread, I will follow these guidelines.

    Mega Boat
    I recommend using this for a team of 2, 3, or 4 as this can be expensive but it's worth it with the amount of money you will most likely receive.
    Unfortunately I do not have a demo to show, but I do have screenshots on how the boat should look like.
    Props: 4 Regular Big Bookshelves, 2 Vending Machines, 2 Normal Dark Bookshelves, 4 Money Bags, 2 Vending Machine Plates
    Tools: I personally prefer smart welding and that is what I use here, but you could also use normal welding. I also use the no collide tool in order to fit the final large bookshelf on top of the other bookshelf.
    Battle Tips: Try not to stay near someone. They could easily mow this down if they had to. Stay at a distance. Only harpoon if there are few people left. Be weary, try to extinguish the flames as this will probably be rocketed by many people depending on your team size. Have a player stationed in a separate position on the boat so it isn't cramped and so if a platform is down, you will have enough room to jump back on.

    What do you think of this boat? Was it effective?
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Thread Status:
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