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    This event had some huge issues back in the day, that we're explained and mentioned at the last conference. The event itself was a blast (at least for me) but others didin't quite understand how it goes since it was quite complex and used tools/mechanics that players weren't familiar with in the first place.

    And so i've came with an idea of improving this event and give it some other tweaks, just to make sure that this event is not just "complex" and "boring" like the last one. By this, i mean:

    1. Explaining how the old event worked
    2. What was wrong with it
    3. How's the new event will work and what changed
    So, how Build to the Top worked:

    The basic idea was pretty simple: You needed to build a tower from non-buoyand props (like metal and concrete) using gravity gun and noclip, which were given to every player for the duration of the buildphase. You could move your props around using gravity gun, and would then need to freeze them in place (by pressing E). And so, you needed to make your tower as high and durable as possible and destroy other people's towers to make them fall into the water.

    Pretty simple at first, but there are plenty of problems that made it quite complex for the other players.

    What was wrong with it:

    1. Gravity Gun: Using just a gravity gun is not as simple as using Phys. Gun. Simply because you can't manipulate props as freely as you could with a Phys. Gun. And most of the players that play Flood (mostly newbies) never even used Gravity Gun before! Its a completly different tool for them! And making something using it is not that easy either, since the range of your prop manipulations (freezing/moving) restricted to a few meters, plus a weird freeze mechanic that was added on top of all of that.
    In short: It sucked.

    2. Noclip: At first - noone even had a luxury of using free noclips at that event, and that gave VIP's an advantage over everyone else. Or... noone even knew about free Noclips at that time, which was still an issue. Not everyone was using it, simply because the didn't know about it. Even me.

    Plus to that (Thanks for reminding, Rick): People couldn't use noclip while holding props. You need to build a tower, noclip on top of it, and repeat the process 'till its high enough.
    Weird, right?

    3. The META: People quickly came up with the strategy for the mode after playing it few times. You need to have a higher ground than anyone else and stand on more beefier props than anyone else. Its a great strat, no doubt, but the "Build a Tower" slowly moved to the "Build a platform in the sky", and it stayed that way.
    To simply put it: Players just started making platfroms, placing them as high as possible, and then just stack all the shit on it, just to make it beefier.

    4. Its not "Building Boats" anymore: For the ones, who witnessed this mode for the first time - they didin't understand "how" and "What" it asks them to do. With the new tools and restricted access to props - it became something new to them. And for new players, that still try learning how Flood works - it was a true hell. All the problems above, plus the problem of not understanding the game at first, made it hard for players to trully understand the event. And after trying over and over - they just give up.

    And... how the new Build to the Top should look like then?

    Most of the ideas on the last conference, that were targeting overall problems of the event, gave me an idea. A vision, of the new and improved "Build to the Top" event.

    Let me explain how it should work:

    At the start of the event - All players introduced to new rules and mechanics as usual. And instead of starting them with just a Gravity Gun - they start with the same tools they use all the time: Phys. Gun and a Tool Gun.
    Plus to that - Noclip is activated right away for everyone, just to introduce new players to their new "free" method of moving around right away.

    Rules haven't changed much: You build a highest tower possible using only non-buoyant props, then shoot the shite out of everyone when the round starts. Same as the old one.
    And there is one "but" in the rules: Props are not gonna stay frozen all the time. And when the building phase ends - all props (wielded together or not) will be unfeezed for the duration of the flooding phase. And at the battle phase - props will be freezed again.

    Also, the old water-level would be slightly lover than the old one. Just a bit taller than the walls of the private rooms, so players would not use the corners to their advantage in battle.

    Oh, and building on corners will not be an issue... I think.

    What changed and what if fixes:

    1. Same tools: No introduction needed. You start with the same ol' tools you always used and build the same ol' constructions you've always built. But this time - its towers, not boats.

    2. Noclip right away: Noone will be uninformed about this feature, if they start flying right away, without warning.

    3. Absolute destruction of the old, broken META: The strategy of "higher ground" would still be relevant, but players would not achieve it that easy anymore! With the new changes in how the gamemode works - all flying fortresses in the skies will fall back on the ground at the end of the building phase. So now, the meaning of "Building a tower" will stay the same, no matter what kind of tricks players might try.

    4. Easier than making boats (IMO): Because of the changes - players will try to build not just "beefy" constructions, but "stable" ones too. And its not that hard, since like... half of the props available to them comprised of simple shapes. Some big, some tall, and almost all of them stand upright!

    The issue of "Building a Tower" would not be an issue. But "Balancing it out" and "Reinforcing it" - would be.


    And that is besically the entire explanation. I tried to explain everything in detail, but keep it simple and short, so i dont think you will have trouble understanding what i mean. And if you do (or you have something else to add) - you can always ask here, in this thread.

    Have a good day, lads.

    Edit: Thanks to Rick for mentioning additional details and helping with the editng some parts of the thread.
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    Thanks for the post nyaa, I can see where some of the confusion came from now.

    Some points as to why I don't think this'll work in the form you've proposed.
    • Frankly seems pretty difficult, I can't use my PC until tomorrow but I get the feeling that when I try to do this it won't go well, especially given the "maximum distance" weld feature, you could take a leg out and the entire tower might come down.
    • I don't see any way of stopping players from building on the walls. You were able to do this in the old tower event and I know you say you don't think it'll be an issue but without countermeasures (which I can't think of) it will.
    • Walls, and thusly rooms, will be very overpowered. If you build next to a wall you essentially get complete protection from several angles for the bottom of your boat, which would be your new "Broken meta". The only way I could envisage an equal playing field would be by having a platform raise to the top of the rooms, and from there the water rise again.
    All in all, if you can make a stable tower which wouldn't topple completely as soon as you take one or two poles away that is above the height of the walls I'd be much more inclined towards this event.
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