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    this is a pretty good forum. its kinda dead though
    i think this is like my first forum post of 2018 or smth
    anyways lets get into the real meat of this thread. the real juice. the good part
    any you remember this shit? i remember this shit. drivin through fuckin burger king and they hand you a motherfuckin video game. like an actual video game no handheld bigs fishing shit. and of course im like "goddamn how do they make a profit giving out video games with their food" cause im 7 years old or some shit
    one of my favorite parts about this game is how you can play as a guy in a giant fuckin whopper suit. theres shit games like mario kart where you play as generic ass mario and luigi and then theres whopper man. theres no comparison really. also burger king tastes like fucking dogshit and i havent eaten there in like 6 years.
    if u have any insight into the burger king lore feel free to throw it at me. im always open to a new interpretation of the kings story
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    During the late 1960s to early 1970s, the Burger King was introduced using a small and animated version of the King in its children's advertising voiced by Allen Swift and known as Kurger Bing. The Kurger Bing was featured in a series of advertisements in which he would visit a Burger King outlet for an interview with a television reporter or see a former court wizard who now worked for the chain. In all ads the King would present children with small gifts or buy them some Burger King food. Many of these commercials featured Kurger Bing character reciting the restaurant's slogan, "Burger King, where kids are king!"
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