Informational Clarification on the Trucing Rule

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    Trucing is one of the prevalent rules that most players typically break. Most of this is due to numerous staffs' interpretation of the rule which has caused a lot of confusion throughout Devinity's lifespan. This is a rulebook so both players and staff are able to know exactly what our official and current stance of trucing is and what some of the exceptions are for this rule.

    [03] . . . . . No trucing under ANY circumstances.

    3 of the most common scenarios:

    Trucing via communications/cross team strategies
    Asking other players to truce with you, or having a "Let's truce"/"I won't shoot you if you don't shoot me" (and similar of the likes) agreement is not allowed under any form of communication.

    Trucing within close proximity
    If you happen to witness two teams/people close together, it does not automatically mean trucing if they are shooting at different targets. While it may be close, do not simply determine trucing as it's possible that they naturally drifted close by and didn't see each other unless they're all clearly bunched together shooting at people from far away, typically the same target.

    Self Preservation

    Trucing is often hard to come by and mistaken when it comes to self preservation. Sometimes you can easily see that someone's trucing, but in some situations it can be a little less clearer.

    If you're in a packed server and are surrounded by people, you don't want to ignore the people who are shooting at you because the people you are shooting at will target you as well. Shooting the person closest to you is not always the best thing to do because you could even end up with two different teams attacking you.

    Make sure that it isn't the same players on the next round. If you see the same players 'self preserving' on multiple instances (rounds), it's most definitely safe to say that they're trucing.

    For all 3 of these cases, we expect our staff to:

    • Warn or inform players via communications first (Express your concerns via communications first to better understand the situation).
    • If the players appear to be trucing again, warn them again to make sure that it is not simply accidental.
    • If it is finally clear that they are doing it again, warn (via command) and/or slay them.
    • If they decide to do it again, kick them from the server and ban them for an hour to a day if they did it again depending on the deliberateness of the situation.

    The majority of players you think are trucing probably are, but it doesn't mean at your first judgement that you should immediately jump to that conclusion. It's always best that you find deeper meaning into the situation as you might punish a player that might've not truced at all. A truce needs to be deliberate, not accidental.​

    This rule is interpreted differently by every staff as every situation has different circumstances. If you are unsure about this or have any questions/suggestions/changes please post here. If you are a staff member, directly ask @counter, @Sotori or @Viral for help.
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    !pm counter hey don’t shoot me until the end of the round okay? Don’t tell anyone haha xD
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    Thanks for posting this!