Guide Compressing PlayerModels (The Donkie Way)

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    In 2015 @Donkie released a great guide on how to compress playermodels so they could be added to the devinty server.

    Now this guide isn't pinned or anything so I don't think most of you know about it, but its a great way to suggest a playmodel and even go the extra mile to compress it to make it simpler for the devs to implement.

    I used this guide to suggest and get the Zoidberg Model added to Devinty servers. (back when I went under Ajax.)

    NOTE: This doesn't mean your playermodel you suggest and compress will get added to the server I just think the devs like it more when you go the extra mile to do something like this.

    Contrary to how hard Donkie made it look it in original form post it was way simpler then it seems.
    (The hardest part in my opinion is going throw all the VMTs and VTFs to figure out what to delete and what not.)

    Here you can see how much compression helps get the filesizes down.

    Which in-turn keeps people from waiting long to download the content and doesn't even change quality.
    Before Compression: [​IMG]
    After Compression: [​IMG]
    There's really no quality difference to the model at all.

    So Yeah wanted to bump an old awesome thread that helped people get involved in the server as a great way to suggest and make it so its less work on the devs part.

    This isn't really a guide its more of a practical use of the guide to show how easy it is for users to use.

    (I suggest you read through the guide yourself a few times and go through a few simple playermodels to get it down)

    Here's a link to the model and the compressed version if you wanna compare for yourself:

    Thanks for reading and if you need help or get confused along the way I'll help out anyway I can.
    (Feel feel to message me or just reply to this thread)
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    Nicely done guide @Matt., also glad to see you back :)

    After you're done compressing the model, head over to the Plymdl/accessory suggestion thread, paste the reference link and I'll analyze the suggested model for any content that should be removed or further compressed. I'll still happily continue to compress workshop suggested items to my standards