Conference for June 2022

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    Conference Assessment

    This is a thread where notes on the pertaining conference will be kept.
    You are free to comment or post anything related to the conference.

    An extensive document outlining Devinity Conference guidelines can be found here
    Information on our Discord server can be found here

    The conference is planned for:
    Saturday, June 4 from 4PM to 5PM UTC
    Please post in this thread if you cannot attend.
    Unlike previous conferences, this will be casual.

    Topics up for discussion
    • Introduction and Headcount - Introducing what this conference is for and why we are having it. (approx. 10 minutes)

    • Staff Promotions - Who will be promoted is TBA (approx. 5 minutes)
    • Balance Changes - Props/Weapons/Playermodels (approx. 15 minutes)

    • Servers and Events - Insight for the Summer Event, EU and US merge. (approx. 15 minutes)

    • Wrapping everything up - Additional comments, time for community members to give their thoughts.

    • Hangout/Gaming Session - Staff may leave early as this is the end of the conference.
    We ask the discussions to be done one topic at a time, please do not derail the discussion with a entirely different subject.
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    Old doctor #2347
    you put it on a day that i have Work >=( my only days off will be tues,wend,thurs
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    Below are the notes taken on what was discussed during the conference.
    To start
    • Old Doctor showed up to immediately mention that he was drunk and high, much to the surprise of nobody.
    • J.Vertzil was announced to be promoted to sr mod, although he wasn't present to receive this information.
    • Platinum VIP benefits were brought up, potentially an exclusive playermodel for free.
    • Sotori will be looking to add more playermodels in the future now that he has access to.
    • Old Doctor talked about server lag and how props cluttering the map introduces unbearable lag.
    • Bayrock talked about the database updating fixing this, and introduced a new map design to help potentially.
    • Sadjack talked about the idea of making the water rise slower and at a lower height.
    • Bayrock agreed it would help.
    • Bayrock brought up a new map that potentially sinks into the water instead the water rising.
    • Sotori mentioned it would help players falling through props and props not rising.
    • Bayrock mentioned S&box being a much needed improvement to Garry's Mod flood would also help with this as a whole.
    15 minutes in
    • Sadjack talked about the russian playerbase, and how he could help with translations and ease of access.
    • Bayrock mentioned how paypal not being accessible in Russia is an issue.
    • Sadjack and Bayrock talked about a potential toggle for Russians to use in-game that could translate everything to the proper language.
    • Russians unable to donate, but can trade steam items for currency (ie: in-game items like skins).
    • In short - More ways to donate aside from the current ones.
    • J.Vertzil and some other staff joined a bit after the conference started, everyone was welcomed and his promotion was announced officially.
    • Sotori mentioned reopening the russian chat.
    • Everyone seemed to agree with reopening it.
    • Mantis mentioned if the issues we closed the channel for arise again, we can always close it once more.
    20-35 minutes in
    • Lickety requested to join, immediately started requesting we make a day of defeat and overwatch community server.
    • Lickety openly noticed he could move himself to the audience.
    • Lickety moved himself to the audience.
    • Sotori mentioned he's never being brought up to speaker again.
    • Old Doctor/Sadjack/J.Vertzil talked about reskinning the old vending machine model to the devinity vending machine we see in the build phase.
    • Sotori mentioned it could be as simple as adding it to the pack.
    • Sotori talked about any ideas or suggestions to the summer event.
    • Old Doctor and J.Vertzil mentioned the tiki gun needing a buff or a change.
    • Old Doctor talked about the oneweapon event choosing bugbait as a weapon, could either remove it completely or adjust the amount of bugbait you have.
    • Bayrock talked about merging US and EU to one server.
    • Potentially having two EU servers.
    • If the servers are merged, the EU and US designations would be removed completely
    Nearing the end
    • Lickety was brought back up to speaker again (to the mistake of Sotori)
    • Lickety derailed for 5 or so minutes again, talked about vandalizing vending machines irl.
    • Lickety was moved back to the audience.
    • Somehow, sledbuild was brought up. Some people didn't know what sledbuild was, sledbuild was explained.
    • Bayrock mentioned how since flood was matured, changes to it wouldn't be desired. Sledbuild could be an interesting project.
    • Bayrock mentioned having an entirely new server to try out new gamemode ideas like sledbuild or prop hunt (although that ship may have already sailed).
    • EU and US merge could bring about the idea of a new, smaller-in-size server with a lesser player count.
    • Quickswap and the SPAS was brought up, the SPAS would be brought back but changed a fair bit.
    • Mantis asked if it was possible to increase the damage of the SCAR.
    • Sotori mentioned after the SCAR was nerfed the quickswap meta rose up out of nowhere.
    • Sadjack mentioned balancing the more heavy props (fridges, dumpsters, etc.) a potential nerf to them by lowering their HP. More forgiving to new players.
    • Sadjack wanted to help development for Devinity, adding weapons and translations. Aforementioned "Russian button" to change languages in-game.

    • Conference concluded.
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