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    The Devinity TeamSpeak server is officially online. TeamSpeak is a VoIP server that allows you to chat in managed channels with other members from the community. As of this time the TeamSpeak is predominantly used for the staff members to communicate or for members to quickly communicate with our staff in critical situations. This will also make it much easier to hold staff conferences, communicate outside of our game server, and host events in the future.

    Furthermore, the best way to contact me directly now is by joining the TeamSpeak server. If I'm at my computer I will surely be in the server and available for anyone who needs to have an important one on one conversation with me.


    You need to register your Teamspeak Unique ID before you're allowed full access to the TS. Do that here:

    If you wish to download TeamSpeak visit this page and proceed to download the client that matches your system.

    Note: All basic forum and server rules apply to the TeamSpeak server as well, and foul actions may affect your experience on all Devinity servers.
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