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    News and Updates

    This month, Battle Royale and Flood were updated! Teaming with less than 6 players on the server is no longer allowed, and when there is less than 6 players, teams will break. Teams will now also remove members automatically when the player count falls below the required amount for the players in their team. Flashlights will also turn off when you die, so it will no longer show up in spectate. In flood you can now holster any gun but will be given the default pistol if you holstered all of them, along with more updates.

    This month was full of promotions! Bjincy and Exotranc were promoted to the admin rank! SuperAdmin Rick was quoted saying “We think they have all the traits we look for in an admin and we're happy to bring them into the position.” Also the Senior Moderator rank was brought back! Sotori, Hangaroid, Nyaaa~, Hatefulmeme, and Rashu were all promoted to the reinstated rank. “We want you to be encouraging to new players/staff, the best way to grow a community is by welcoming new members and staff, this doesn't mean you need to add everybody you meet on steam but at the very least it means being civil and friendly towards them whilst they are settling into the community.”-Rick. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted from Devinity Tribune! (@Bjincy)

    Questions About College

    Now that college is back in full swing, we decided to ask several of our staff members about their college experience! (@Yinzerz)

    Where did you live your first year in University and how was it like?

    Rick: In a shithole room in a flat I shared with like 24 people to a corridor (the building was owned by the university and was only available for freshers), on the one hand the place was shit but I genuinely enjoyed it as there we're plenty of people I got on with and it was only like a few minutes from my lecture halls (and the rent was cheap).

    Brendon: My college required students to live on campus for the first 2 years. Dorm life was all right, I built a loft bed, and I hung a hammock underneath it for lounging. My one problem was that my roof was made with asbestos glue so if I ever bumped it or poked a hole in it (which happened often) I risked a $1000 fine and cancer.

    Nikita: I lived in my university’s freshman honors dorm, but because of it being made for dweebs, the building was all energy efficient and “green” so while we had windows they couldn’t be opened for fresh air since it wasn’t “efficient”. The rent was insane but all freshman housing costs the same and we are forced to live there for our first two years, so I guess I had the better of a shitty situation, as some of my friends had to live in a hotel a mile away from school as a part of “university housing.”

    Hardest class and how'd you make it through it?

    Rick: I had a class called "Introduction to thermodynamics", I didn't do the poorest in it, but I certainly worked the hardest. I didn't have any real tactics for approaching it I just worked hard and managed to get through, I'd frequently stay up until midnight in the library, it was insane. If I had one tip it would just be to memorize the questions, there's only so many questions they can ask on each topic and they often end up repeating ones from previous years and just changing a few things.

    Brendon: My hardest class was English, because I am horrible at writing research papers. I made it through by going to my school’s free essay workshop where an English grad student would help edit your paper. (almost every school has one so use it to your advantage)

    Nikita: My hardest class is “Economic of Sports” a high-level econ elective that sounds like is just sports talk radio but is not at all. The first day of class the professor gave us a test on material we didn’t know we had to know or study for and as a result, half the class including me, failed the test and had a 50% in the class on the first day. Honestly, the class itself wasn’t hard, much as the workload, as there is a test every day of class, and if you do the reading it’s fine, but you have to commit a few hours a day to reading if you want to make it through.

    Easiest class and what would you do to pass the time?

    Rick: I honestly didn't have an easy class, right at the beginning of the year there were a few classes that were just to get people up to speed with each other, but I just didn't go to them if I knew the topic already (as they'd tell you in advance what the lecture was on).

    Brendon: My easiest class was WD140. it was an introductory welding class required for my degree, and they wouldn't allow me to test out of it. We had to submit around 20 welding samples by the end of the semester, and I finished them all in 1 week. So, I only went to the lectures unless I was hired to make something for the school.

    Nikita: My easiest class was CS1100, a computer science class for business/economics majors where you learn how to use Microsoft Excel and Access. The course was 4 credits and was only mandatory to go to once a week, and you got to choose which time/day you went each week. The class had two finals which could be retaken and an extra credit project. I missed two homework assignments and got a 70 on one of the finals and still had a safe A in the class. I mostly just did the assignments in class or messed around with my friends in the class/talked to girls in there.

    Craziest university experience/party?

    Rick: Probably the thing I most enjoyed (it wasn't that crazy or anything, but it was fun as fuck) was when they showed Eurovision live in this little plaza area. Hundreds of people turned up to get pissed, get patriotic, and watch shitty Europop. They also did the same for the world cup but unfortunately, I was hungover as fuck watching that, so I didn't enjoy it nearly as much.

    Brendon: My craziest experience in college would have to be the second night I was there I found my roommate passed out at our toilet from vomiting. He was a sheltered kid and then went full on party boy that night, but he couldn't handle his alcohol. After about a half hour I got him up, but he pissed himself by that point. I tried to warn him, but he sat on his bed, soaking is new sheets.

    Nikita: When I went abroad to Russia as a part of a school program, one night in Moscow my roommate and I went clubbing and went 15-20 shots down on vodka and he proceeded to black out in the middle of the club floor and I then had to get him all the way back to our hostel while speaking minimal Russian. On the entire way home, he would wake up from his sleep at random times and scream random shit like, “Communism will prevail!” and would constantly scream for help or talk about American conspiracy stories.

    What is your favorite place on campus and why?

    Rick: The student union pub obviously dingus

    Brendon: My favorite place on campus is the Baja shop. For those who don't know, I was on my university’s SAE Mini Baja Racing Team. I would work in the shop, study in the office, sleep on the floor if I was tired between classes. We would have parties in there and we would all just hang out in there.

    Nikita: My favorite place on campus is my dorm. I have my computer, a TV, and all my friends live on the same floor/same building complex. Most of my free time is spent sleeping in my bed or hanging out with my roommates/friends in my living room and room.

    Weirdest thing you've seen in a class/lecture/lab?

    Rick: Some guy set up his reflux column wrong and set fire to a fume hood, that was sick.

    Brendon: I honestly don't remember anything super weird happening in a lecture hall, my intro-to-film (supposed to be the easiest class, but I got the teacher who cared) have a mental breakdown and lose his shit over people calling something racist in one of the movies.
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    Nikita: This didn’t necessarily happen at my University, but when I was interning at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of my fellow interns unevenly loaded a heavy-duty centrifuge and immediately after starting it, everyone in the lab just heard scraping metal and we all thought the centrifuge was going to blow up. One of the professors came running in and unplugged the centrifuge before yelling at the intern until she cried.

    How'd you pass the time between/after classes?

    Rick: Go home most of the time, I only lived a few minutes from all my classes

    Brendon: I would pass time my hammocking in the trees around campus or in my dorm in the winter. I also got into mountain biking, so I would do that when I was done for the day.

    Nikita: Between classes I usually only have 10-15 minutes max, so I will grab lunch during this time if I get out of my previous class early enough, otherwise I go straight to my class. Outside of school, I spend my time playing on my school’s water polo team, as well as being a part of a fraternity. I usually am busy with these two groups 3-5 days a week.

    What was your go-to college meal?

    Rick: Didn't really have one, cooking was one of the things I really started to enjoy once I got to university and I spent a lot of time cooking meals, but probably the thing I cooked the most was a Portuguese stew thing called “caldo verde” (literally green soup), would absolutely recommend to any students that are trying to save money, I ate it probably once every fortnight during the winter. I have a book with a recipe but this one is similar.

    Brendon: My college go-to meal was either cereal or grilled chicken breasts from the cafeteria

    Nikita: My go-to college meal my first year was dining hall chicken breasts and white rice. At least three days a week I would eat that exact meal with Powerade and water to drink. If I was lucky I would throw in some curly fries or a cheeseburger, but it was mostly chicken and rice.

    Anime Review: Darling in the Franxx

    The highly touted Studio Trigger, known for Kill La Kill and Little Witch Academia, teamed up with A-1 Productions in 2018 to bring us the most controversial anime of the first half of the year: Darling in the Franxx. The series spans over 24 episodes and has two arks. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic future, where humans and “Klaxosaurs” constantly fight for survival over the use of the planet’s magma energy. While the setting sounds cliché, the main selling point of the show is its characters, which are all centered around the protagonist, Hiro, and his different internal conflicts. The anime is a mecha however, and the main plot mechanism of the show is that a boy and a girl must work together to pilot a Franxx, in order to fight the Klaxosaurs and save humanity. The first ark of the show is regarded as an almost perfect anime and captured the hearts of fans as their favorite anime throughout the early months of 2018. The show’s animation style is crisp and beautiful, and A-1 Productions accomplished making us fall in love with the characters’ designs and animations. The show is wonderful and would recommend it to fans of a variety of shows, whether you enjoy harems, mechas, shonen, or the likes, this show will have something for you to enjoy. Our rating for the show was an 8.5/10 for its incredible first ark, characters and their development, and the uniqueness of the show despite its use of a dystopian mecha setting.

    My personal quotes:

    • I absolutely fell in love with the character Zero Two, her design, attitude, and development throughout the show was just brilliant.
    • There were times when I was just grinning at my computer screen, the show just made me feel so warm and happy at times.
    • It’s a masterpiece. Gave me that empty feeling in my stomach where if I saw a picture or video from the show I’d instantly get a pit in my gut.
    • Darling in the Franxx is the first show that ever made me change a profile picture to an anime character.

    Game Review: Mass Effect
    Hello dears! We decided to make for you a review of one cool game. It is called Mass Effect. I hope you will appreciate it. (@StrannikZ)

    A little bit about the game:

    Mass Effect game in the genre of action role-playing, developed by the Studio BioWare (which has already established itself as a good company) and released by Microsoft Game Studios. The game was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 console. A version for Windows and PS3 was later released.

    Actually, Microsoft wanted to make Mass Effect to promote the Xbox 360. They were able to do it. The game became a bestseller, and received many awards from critics, and a large fan base.

    Based on the game, there are several short films, was also filmed Japanese cartoon Paragon Lost.

    The game also has a unique system of dialogues in which you can choose the option that you like, there is also a system of points "Hero" and "Renegade", you can act in any direction, which for me is not bad. By the way in this game you can have a relationship with the characters of the game. Speaking of novels, this is a separate feature of this game, you can for three parts to be faithful to one beloved, or arrange a love triangle)) All to your taste.

    The game also has so-called super-abilities of the characters, for example, someone can use biotics (the ability of some forms of life to create fields of mass effect and interact with dark energy using the zero element).

    The game also has a class system, each side is stronger and weaker. I think this is a pretty good solution, everyone can decide how he will act. The game also has a distribution of points that are given for each level, so you can develop your skills to make them stronger.

    You can also pump the skills of their partners, depending on how much they will go with you on a mission. By the way, you can choose any team mates on a mission. By the way, the game has a certain nonlinearity, for example, you can solve different situations in different ways.

    A little about the story:

    The plot of the game says that in the 22nd century mankind has mastered the technology of superluminal flights. So says the name of the game "Mass Effect". After mastering the technology, humanity came into contact with alien civilizations. The protagonist, or the heroine Captain Shepard, becomes a Spectrum agent in the service of the interstellar Council of the Citadel. And together with his squad, which consists of humans and aliens, pursues traitor Saren, during story they'll know - that he works for an ancient race of intelligent machines, "Reapers", which every 50,000 thousand years destroy all life in the galaxy.

    The action of the game takes place in the year 2183.

    Game development:

    Development began back in 2004. Initially, it was conducted for the original Xbox console, but soon it was decided to make a game for the new Xbox 360, that the game could show itself with good graphics. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3.

    The game's screenwriter was Drew Karpishin, he also writes literary works, particularly on Mass Effect and Star Wars.

    During development it was decided to make a trilogy that would help to save money - without coming up with a story from scratch.

    Meme of the Week


    Comic of the Week


    Writers Note: We here at the Devinity Tribune really enjoyed making this issue, but it had to be delayed due to several things such as school starting, purchasing cars, last minute vacations, and just real life. We hope you can understand the amount of effort that goes into a single issue and forgive us for our tardiness. That all being said, we hope you enjoyed this issue and that you will leave us some reviews in the comments down below and in the discord! (@Bjincy)
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