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Discussion in 'Garry's Mod: Flood' started by Seth, Jul 26, 2016.

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    • Exploding barrels for Flood (side note: idea already conceived)!
    • Introduce two barrels: One that explodes, keep the one that doesn't (?).
    • Exploding barrel prop limit --> 4
    • Minimum player damage (if at all...)
    • Exploding barrel --> VIP only (side note: Not a very good idea, in all honesty).
    • If idea sucks, (1) DON'T make props VIP only; (2) introduce an explosive, buoyant, remote-controlled car.
    • Explosive, buoyant, remote-controlled car should have upgrades:
      • Mobile shielding.
      • Shock charge (for killing nearby players in water).
      • [Underwhelming] explosion --> -5 HP to all surrounding props.
    • Car starts with explosion, other abilities are unlockable and then buyable. Abilities upgrades are also unlockable and buyable.
      • Car costs $5000 (?)
      • Level 0 --> Unlock explosion (ability costs $10000?)
      • Level 5 - 14 --> Increase range and damage of the explosion for money
      • Level 15 --> Unlock shield (ability costs $20000?)
      • Level 16 - 29 --> Increase size and health of shield for money
      • Level 30 --> Unlock shock charge (ability costs $30000?)
      • Level 31 - 49 --> Increase damage, range, and time electric charge lasts for money
      • Level 50 --> Something special? (feedback/suggestions)
    • Looking for feedback and suggestions for everything--should change gameplay someway, somehow by using leveling system. thnx.

    I was looking at new skin ideas people had for a biohazard barrel and an explosive barrel, but I thought, wouldn't it be cool if there was actually an exploding barrel you could use in game? The answer was yes.

    So I suggest we have two of the exploding barrels, one that doesn't explode, and one that does, so that people who want to use the prop as part of their boat and did before, still can.

    The idea with the exploding barrel is very new and is very open to suggestions, but I think it should have a prop limit of about 4, and only do damage to props, if we were going to have it do damage to humans, we should make the damage minimal. We would most likely make it a VIP only thing since it is pretty much useless otherwise, the VIP people would attach a thruster to a small boat with explosive barrels attached, and when the round starts, rocket it towards another boat and shoot the barrels while they are near.

    Now, I know this idea, kind of sucks tbh, so I thought that if this doesn't work out, we could turn the whole idea around, make it available for everyone, and create a remote controlled water car that can explode.

    I think that it would be a great idea to have a remote controlled water car weapon that could explode, but it would also be cool of it had other functions, and if it would cost money to upgrade the weapon and different upgrades have different prices, we could decide whether or not the upgrades are interchangeable or could be used all at the same time, but that would be cool. I'm thinking of this stuff as I go kind of, sorry for the fact that this is not organized and I have no pictures and whatnot, I just wanted to get the idea out there.

    A couple suggestions as for what the water car can do with an upgrade might be;
    • A deployable movable shield: although you would have to switch back to the remote to move the car deploying the shield around, therefor, moving the shield, it would still be a nice handy upgrade to have, and could make the difference between a loss and a win.
    • A water shock charge: inspired by Milkman's electric cord idea, it would be nice to be able to kill those players that take out over half of your boat with a para just by sitting in the water before they die, this shock charge would charge the water around the car within an adjustable amount of range, and an adjustable amount of extra water damage, it could also have more than one shock charge, great upgrade.
    • A basic explosion: This would destroy the car and make it so you could not use the other abilities, it would do 5 damage to all props in an area.
    Ok, now we get into the good stuff, so, all of the abilities/upgrades I listed above, could be upgraded.

    For example, say I am a level zero and I buy the remote controlled car for 5000$, with level zero, the only thing it can use is a base explosion that does 5 damage to props within a small area, but I reach level 5 and can upgrade the area range in which the explosion effects other props, or I can upgrade the amount of damage the explosion does to other props, it continues like this until you reach level 15, and you unlock the shield, which costs more, and you can then level up and upgrade shield health, and shield size, until you reach level 30 and can use the electric shock charge, which you can then level up and upgrade damage, the area of effect, and the time for which the water stays electric.

    I am so excited to receive lots of feedback about this with new suggestions and whatnot, this idea would make use of the currently useless leveling system, it would open up a whole new world of gameplay, the levels for which you can use the car and it's abilities can vary, basically everything can vary.

    Let the commencement of idea giving begin! Thank you.
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