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    So I was on teamspeak, asking Asianboo for help to bet in Cs Go. He then asked me if I wanted to download this link, so he can test something. I asked what it is, and he then ignored me. I asked again and he told me he does not know what it is.
    This is the link he spammed me with:
    He then claim it was some sort of admin assist, which I have no clue what it is. I refused to download this fishy exe file, but he would not stop begging to me about it. Saying that it is a dropbox. I don't care if it is a dropbox, the exe file itself can be harmful. I told him mutiple time not to send that link to me again, but then he spammed my channel chat box with this link, begging for me to download it. He then explain that it was a screen sharing link. This made it very fishy for me, because I am just wondering why does he want to view my screen for. I told him to test it out on his mom laptop, because he really wanted to tested it out on me. He then claims that his mom don't have a laptop, which I can understand. I then told him to test it out on his friends, which then he claims he doesn't have any friends. I then told him to bad. Asianboo then said that he wants to ask Rogers, but I am going to make sure that Rogers does not download that link just incase.
    This probably is a waste of time, but I don't know if you can do anything about him.
    <01:41:39> "AsianBoo": I found one very usefull program
    <01:41:44> "AsianBoo": can you help me test it
    <01:41:48> "AsianBoo": it's called AA
    <01:41:56> "AsianBoo": google it if you want
    <01:42:15> "AsianBoo": I will send you a dropbox link
    <01:42:24> "AsianBoo": well trade him
    <01:42:26> "AsianBoo": ya
    <01:42:38> "AsianBoo": and listen ther is some dumb people around
    <01:42:45> "AsianBoo": that pretend to be a bot
    <01:42:54> "AsianBoo": and try to take your items
    <01:43:09> "AsianBoo": so if you didn't bet don't trade ok?
    <01:43:24> "AsianBoo": ya
    <01:43:28> "AsianBoo": for them to play
    <01:43:33> "AsianBoo": you will see
    <01:43:36> "AsianBoo": no viruses
    <01:43:51> "AsianBoo": it's on dropbox :D
    <01:44:05> "AsianBoo": -_-
    <01:44:15> "AsianBoo": idk
    <01:44:22> "AsianBoo": assis admin or somethink
    <01:44:27> "AsianBoo": I will show you
    <01:44:40> "AsianBoo":
    <01:44:41> "AsianBoo": :D
    <01:44:46> "AsianBoo": please
    <01:45:04> "AsianBoo": listen I am tring to apply for moderator here
    <01:45:21> "AsianBoo": so if you will get somethink bad you will tell them
    <01:45:32> "AsianBoo": ok
    <01:45:38> "AsianBoo": it's like screen sharing
    <01:45:49> "AsianBoo": but on long distance
    <01:46:00> "AsianBoo": I want to test it lol
    <01:46:08> "AsianBoo": how will I see your password
    <01:46:15> "AsianBoo": you know what is funny?
    <01:46:27> "AsianBoo": you can't be sure if I am me or not :D
    <01:46:42> "AsianBoo": maybe I just stole this acount
    <01:46:46> "AsianBoo": it is drop box
    <01:46:49> "AsianBoo": D:
    <01:46:59> "AsianBoo": it's like sharing files :D
    <01:47:12> "AsianBoo": please
    <01:47:17> "AsianBoo": preatty please
    <01:47:28> "AsianBoo": you called this room Korea
    <01:47:35> "AsianBoo": and this is offencive to me!
    <01:47:44> "AsianBoo": I am korean ya know
    <01:47:47> "AsianBoo": :D
    <01:47:58> "AsianBoo": just help me please
    <01:48:00> "AsianBoo":
    <01:48:10> "AsianBoo": do you want me to show you?
    <01:48:18> "AsianBoo": omg
    <01:48:27> "AsianBoo": I don't need your account
    <01:48:28> "AsianBoo": D:
    <01:48:38> "AsianBoo": what ever
    <01:48:44> "AsianBoo": what are you up to?
    <01:49:11> "AsianBoo": does Ryan even play cs:go?
    <01:49:31> "AsianBoo": I ment Rogers
    <01:49:34> "AsianBoo": srry
    <01:49:38> "AsianBoo": ?
    <01:49:53> "AsianBoo": why de fk he bout the game?
    <01:50:06> "AsianBoo": lol
    <01:50:34> "AsianBoo": could you rename the think?
    <01:50:46> "AsianBoo": please
    <01:50:51> "AsianBoo": rename the room
    <01:50:59> "AsianBoo": tnx
    <01:51:05> "AsianBoo": I don't like it
    <01:51:16> "AsianBoo": do you play LoL
    <01:51:17> "AsianBoo": ?
    <01:51:31> "AsianBoo": I will try to learn :D
    <01:51:51> "AsianBoo": I remembewr how my friend wanned me to play dota2 with him
    <01:51:56> "AsianBoo": to kick my ass
    <01:52:00> "AsianBoo": and then lost :D
    <01:52:13> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:25> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:25> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:26> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:26> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:27> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:27> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:27> "AsianBoo":
    <01:52:41> "AsianBoo" pokes you: please
    <01:53:03> "AsianBoo": ok listen
    <01:53:12> "AsianBoo": you can scan it
    <01:53:17> "AsianBoo": anythink
    <01:53:21> "AsianBoo": and?
    <01:53:41> "AsianBoo": it is and app that alows you to see other persons screen
    <01:54:00> "AsianBoo": I want to use it for my programing classes because of the high quality
    <01:54:06> "AsianBoo": and IO want to test it with you
    <01:54:18> "AsianBoo": my mom have no laptop
    <01:54:35> "AsianBoo": I have no friend
    <01:54:37> "AsianBoo": :D
    <01:54:49> "AsianBoo": I will ask Rogers then
    <01:55:33> "AsianBoo": really?
    <01:55:50> "AsianBoo": new name is so mutch better lol
    <01:55:58> "AsianBoo": I am not gonna do anythink
    <01:56:00> "AsianBoo": D:
    <01:56:01> "AsianBoo": D;
    <01:56:06> "AsianBoo": I want to test
    <01:56:11> "AsianBoo": nobody is on!
    <01:56:27> "AsianBoo": ok
    <01:56:35> "AsianBoo": it's too long
    <01:56:39> "AsianBoo": ok do it then
    <01:56:44> "AsianBoo": report me for nothink
    <01:56:57> "AsianBoo": how is it fishy website?
    <01:57:09> "AsianBoo": how de fuck?
    <01:57:18> "AsianBoo": it is DROPBOX!
    <01:57:38> "AsianBoo": *cry in the corrner*
    <01:57:52> "AsianBoo": whatever
    Note: I was using my mic, and he claims that his was broken.
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    Well, the link is broken so you can't actually download it. It just takes you to either Dropbox login or your Dropbox home directory.

    If he wants screen sharing, get Skype or TeamViewer.
    Maybe @Rick can do something about this, since he's the manager of TS.
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    There's nothing saying he can't send you a link, it's up to the individual to not click dodgy links that they're sent. I have however now added a new rule to the team-speak that involves these things.
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    It's just a general rule of thumb not to download links from people in these situations unless you completely trust the person and heard it in their voice that it's ok. Don't take a chat from steam as good enough, ever. I've never had my steam account hacked due to never clicking on suspicious links or downloading anything. this being a program could be worse and cause a complete system shutdown for all you know, then you are really fucked.
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    Dropbox isnt meant to last. I could be set up to only run for an hour.