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    Heyo guys, IceSeasons here. I've probably been forgotten by now given my long absence from Devinity about a year, but I would really love to bring out this suggestion to the community to hear your input regarding this idea.

    Now, in the official Discord channel, there is basically a few channels related to Flood and all of its matters there. Looking through the channel, I realised that there is only one (doesn't seem functional yet) relay channel connecting the Shoutbox to the Discord. While I agree with this implementation of relay channels in order to better improve communications between the staff administration along with ensuring a better catch rate of rulebreakers within the server itself, I generally feel that we can take a step further and improve on what we already have to ensure better communications and connectivity within the community itself.

    This is what I am emphasizing on:

    The idea of having a relay channel connecting Flood servers from the US and EU to the Discord channel, where multiple staff members are online and such, would be greatly beneficial to the staff administration alongside with providing better opportunities for staff members to better administrate well even when they are away. Staff members who are using their phones on the train, or perhaps during lunchtime when they are at work, can at least get a glimpse of what is currently happening within the server - an asset that is key in ensuring good staff administration and control of the situation. By ensuring a stronger communication network that ties the staff administration and its community together, it will at least ensure that any actions will be reported and consulted by higher staff members beforehand, and allow gameplay to be more fair for all to play in.

    Now, I understand that there may be some skeptical views of this, especially given the source as well the possibility to pay for such assets. Do not fret though, this suggestion does come with a free version if you read the description, which can already do 80% of what the paid version can do as well. You can try giving this a test run if you like, and if you like it, you can just leave things be for good measure. While I understand that some of the staff administration may disagree over this idea due to the given source or any other reasons specified, I can assure you that the benefits of such measures will definitely be long-lasting and impactful for the staff administration and its community.

    The only concern, if you would ask me, of this asset is who would you provide access to this relay channel, along with its consistent spamming of messages from other players. To start out with, I would suggest that visual access to the relay channel be granted to all staff members, although sending messages (and possibly commands) be limited to Moderators and above only. The main aim of this suggestion is to provide better connectivity and communications between the game servers and the staff administration, not as a tool for staff members to just whack people with bans or kicks on their phones and such. It is still best for staff members to arrive at the scene to address the situation appropriately as per usual. As for the consistent spamming of messages, I guess you guys can mute it to only accept mentions or such - but that's up to personal preference.

    All in all, I really hope that you guys can consider this proposal as a whole. The idea of implementing Discord into Devinity is a big win in ensuring better communications within the community, and given the various functionalities of Discord, I would encourage the staff administration to make full use of this in order to ensure better effective moderation.

    That's all I will have to say. :D
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