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Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by Skyankh, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. Skyankh

    Skyankh Member

    Jul 22, 2018
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    Here's a estimation on where this all went down on the Battle Royale server.
    I log onto the server and I play about 3 - 4 matches (I win about 2). My third round I'm hoping around City looking for players when I hear gunshots. I climb up a ladder to building where I'm hoping i have the high ground and no one is above me on the taller buildings. I look around in circle for players and spot someone on the bridge. I take aim with my AR and gun the first guy down as he's spraying his enemy. I adjust myself on the building and spot his enemy, I take shots at him as he's jumping away and secure the kill. I continue on by jumping down the building and running toward my kills for their loot when suddenly I get disconnected. I get a message, "Permanently banned for Exploitation - Modding by Bjincy" Modding? Clearly there is something wrong here I do not have any sort of mods other than community lighting mods and HD textures to give my game a little more pizzazz. I don't have any knowledge of exploits or things that could help me exploit or mod this server in any way.
    Note: I'm quite new to this server and have little experience playing here. As soon as I got in I read the rules from top to bottom hoping I'd gone over everything. If there was something I was missing and I had broken a rule without knowing I just ask you to give me another chance while also explaining what rule I've broken. Thank you.

    Reason For Unban:
    The reason I should be unbanned, These are pretty much the only Battle Royale servers out right now (that I've seen from scrolling) and I'm personally really enjoying this more than any other Sandbox server or TTT, etc. I'm just having fun and playing like everybody else...I think I've been banned falsely for things that I haven't done. I've taken my time writing this appeal because I do care about this server and again, I do have fun playing on it. I'm asking if I can be let back onto the server to enjoy more of what it has to offer.
    Personal Stuff: I've even teamed up with someone I didn't know personally and fought along their side. Though..during the game he switched teams and destroyed me with his teammate which was quite funny.

    The Admin Who Banned Me: Bjincy (<---Click to view profile.)

    Infraction: https://devinity.org/pages/infractions/?steamid=76561198125963564

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82848918

    Just woke up.
    You're going right from my profile. And sorry but I'm not cheating on Gmod, I clearly missed lots of those shots and since you watched with your own eyes I hoped that you would've seen that. I feel like those bans were bad yes, they make me seem like I'm hacking every game but I'm not I swear to you. I wouldn't of taken the time to write an appeal to this server at 2 in the morning if I was cheating. I would've just left off the bat and had nothing else to do with it.
    So sorry if my raw aim baffled you but I was not cheating at all. I mean don't you think I would be banned by the Anti cheat? Where is your video? Where are the logs at? I'm sorry I had to no proof, but it was me and you that saw this so I'm hoping you took some kind of proof for yourself from that moment?
    Edit again:
    And as soon as I put that on my steam you added recoil to your statement. I feel like this is unfair, he's going right off my profile rather than having actual in game proof that I was using an aimbot or recoil. It should be proof from that moment not what happened a year ago.
    Also, that 300 day ban was Rust just so you know. H1z1 and csgo were years ago. I'm sorry if this is rude but I feel like if you want to ban people for their Vac bans or their aim or BOTH then you should put that on your server rules because I feel like I can't play anywhere now.
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  2. Bjincy

    Bjincy Editor in Chief of Devinity Bronze VIP

    Mar 12, 2018
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    Battle Royale
    I was telling you what I saw when you were playing, not based on your profile. the reason I mentioned your bans is because you said "I don't have any knowledge of exploits or things that could help me exploit or mod this server in any way." Thus proving you are lying due to your previous hacking experience. all in all, Denied. you can put in another request in 6 months.
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