July 18th Emergency Staff Conference Notes

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    I called the conference on very short notice so I didn't expect a lot to show up but we still got quite a few. The conference was staff-only because it was solely dealing with relations within the staff team, even though we strayed off the topic every now and then. talks like these are never pretty but every now and then they must be done. The conference started at 3:30 pm but serious talk began around four and serious talk ended around 11:00 pm, our longest lasting conference :thinking:

    Those who attended:
    Onto the actual Conferences Notes--------

    Privacy Issues/Private Staff Servers & DMs/Forum PM Moderation:

    • >Dawson wants privacy secured, no big brother aspects
    • >Nyaaa thinks we should go off an orderly trust system, one where we only look into peoples private conversations if there is concrete evidence supporting its necessary/we have probable cause. He also thinks that the only people “legitimate enough to handle such things” are superadmin+
    • >Gaming Bean wants privacy honored
    • >Bagels feels private servers and pms should be okay as long as the founders are in them
    • >Jeff is looking to ensure privacy (can’t be stopped either wat) and he feels everyone is entitled to it

    Staff Inactivity:

    • >C.L wants inactivity to be cracked down on
    • >Jeff thinks the best course is to be stern with activity so people dont think they can just leave without explanation and come back whenever they feel, but not too stern in which we are discouraging players from wanting to be a part of our team (if they have a reason for inactivity)
    • >Counter wants to be lenient with activity as long as they are contributing something, even if its not much
    • >Wolf feels activity is getting out of hand and we need to start showing everyone that complete inactivity won’t be tolerated (no more LeafySharps)

    Staff Secrecy Agreement:

    • >Counter feels secrecy agreement is important and should be enforced
    • >Nyaaa feels secrecy agreement is the only thing “keeping our boat afloat” and also feels there should be an actual rule in place that makes new staff and existing to comment on the thread to make sure they have read it *everyone present agrees*
    • >Gaming Bean is for the agreement and thinks it should be enforced based on a severity scale
    • >Wolf and Jeff want the secrecy agreement to be held to the highest standard to prevent conflict of interests between ranks *same as counter for the most part*
    • >Silver feels secrecy rule is “useless” unless it has to do with something major like a huge leak of sort

    Preventing Server Lag (wasn’t on topic but came up):

    • >Nyaaa wants to do stuff about server crashes
    • >Counter says its mot likely due to cp but that decals should be cleared
    • >Wolf wants VIP tools to be shared when on a team to prevent spam, abuse, and lag
    • >Bean wants the VIP tools to be shared

    Personal Disputes/Arguments between staff members:

    • >Counter and Nyaaa feel all personal disputes should be kept outside Devinity unless directly involved
    • >Wolf suggets admins can mediate disputes but their decision/compromise/solution cannot be held responsible to Devinity (isn't liable)
    • >Bagels and Bean think personal disputes should be kept to them/oursleves as long as its contained in a private place and doesn't begin to affect moderation
    • >Jeff feels Devinity should DEFINITELY be involved in personal disputes, but we aren’t professional mediators so if situations escalate quickly can only do our best to handle them. Jeff doesnt expect us personally to go out of our way to deal with them, so while it would be nice for Devinity to be able to help every tom Dick or Harry we aren’t psychiatrists

    Mash all these votes together and you get:

    • Majority feel privacy should be respected, but if you lose that respect its on you. your privacy is still yours and Devinity shouldn't infringe on that, but if there is severe evidence against you and you don't provide an alibi by showing your logs. You can't blame Devinity for being demoted.
    • Staff Inactivity should be taken more seriously. Two weeks without notice is first warning, without valid response to warning within the following week you will receive final warning. 24 hours without response to final warning and you're gone
    • Secrecy Agreement should be taken seriously and we should go to some actual extent to make sure people understand it rather than just assuming so.
    • VIP tools should be shared when on a team
    • Personal Disputes that don't affect Devinity should be left alone, if you want to be a hero and solve it anyway you may but keep in mind you might not be welcome to do so. If you let personal disputes get in the way of moderation punishment may be dealt with
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    You're welcome