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    Battle Royale
    Hello guys and gals, my name is Joe but you will probably know me by my Steam Name: A.V.P which stands for AdvancedVideoPlayer. I stream on twitch daily but I'm not very known "53" followers not much but it's something. But I do stream the Devinity Battle Royale server when I'm playing most nights.

    I was born in the UK and still living here, I'm 23 years old. I've been playing games for most of my life but Gmod is by far the best game I've ever played as there are so many Mods to play within one game.

    I work in the construction industry as a steel erector, to put that into simple context I put the steel structures of buildings up. If I'm not working I'm either at home with the other half and the littlen or playing basketball outside if the weather is good. But I'm not gonna lie I spend most my nights sitting on the computer playing games and streaming.

    I could go on forever talking about my self and bore you all to death but if you want to know anything then please don't be shy to ask a question. I'll be more active on the Devinity discord server so you can catch me on there if you want to chat.

    Thank you for reading and I hope to make new friends along my journey through the Devinity.
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    Lmao rawr XD you have summond your boi Storm. A lot of people call my StormyStorm, not a clue why but it catchy. Anyways I am always here for any new members who have questions or concerns, come on the discord sometimes so I can get to know ya. Anyways in my title it says I am the Battle Royale King most of that is true, the fact is I am the nade king since I make everyone triggered when I get ahold of nades, so watch out or you may hear a loud metal tinking sound before your death.

    Anyways I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Remember me, my guy?