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    After taking my time to think about what improvements I can do on limits system, I've got a few suggestions. The best turned out to be the "weight" system. It works like this: you have X amount of weight points, every weapon will weigh a different amount of points and you can't break the limit of weight. Back on topic of other systems, I've highlighted different concepts of it that got suggested and I'd like to compare them.
    1. The aforementioned limits system compared to weight is that the first one is more arcade-like. Flood had always been an arcade gamemode where everyone takes as many weapons as they want. Tho it has a major flaw: we have to do re-balance otherwise players would pick only the strongest weapons out of each category. We can't add anything strong or weak (or nobody would use those)

    2. Mixed ("weight" + class restrictions). How it works: all weapons are divided into categories and player will be given X amount of points to spend for each weapon class. For an example: X for light weapons, Y for rifles, Z for utiltities. The advantage of this system is that it has pros from both sides and it doesn't really have any problems with it: it is still less casual (tho it depends on what class restrictions we will do) and it allow us to add "weight" to guns. The biggest benefit of weight is the possibility to easily balance the weapons against each other. We have added a strong weapon? Then it will be heavy. We have added a weak one? It will be light.
      I've made a 2 possible variants of that to give you an example (without details like X points for each class yet):
    • 1st. Classes and weapons included in:
    a) Melee and Hgs: so ehm, all of the melee weapons and handguns(no golden gun here)
    b) Subguns and Rifles: All the submachine guns, all the rifles and all of the snip. rifles.
    c) Heavy weapons: All the shotguns, all the machine guns, flamethrower, bazooka, lazer minigun.
    d) Special: bow, eviscerator, golden gun, all of the event guns (except minigun).
    e) Utilities: TNT, grenades, molotov, water baloons, healing stick, bug bait, Fire ex., harpoon, predator missle.
    This is the most casual out of 2 these systems. It's not really that different from limits and still lets the players have an impressive array of weapons, yet it also lets us to balance weapons of each category with weight. I don't see any disadvantages in it.
    • 2nd. Classes and weps inc in:
    a) Light weapons: All the melee, all the submachine guns and all the handguns (except golden gun).
    b) Rifles and Heavy weapons: all the rifles and snips, all the shotguns, all the machine guns, all of the event weapons, bazooka, flamethrower.
    c) Utilities: explosives (except bazooka), bow, eviscerator, golden gun, water balloons, healing stick, bug bait, Fire ex., harpoon, predator missle.
    This is the closest to full weight system because it only has 3 weapon classes. The biggest benefit of it is that if you take into consideration strategies and fill ur inventory with mostly close range weapons, or long range or just take little bit of everything. This system is ideal, if we want to leave the player with a more narrow variety of weapons (thats what donkie has suggested in the thread). My opinion is the same: I dont want to give the player a mountain of water guns. But I also understand its flaw: it might be a bit too complicated for players. Class restrictions are going to make it simpler but lets be honest: the majority of players arent that clever. They barely understand how to build boats, let alone picking right weapons for a firefight. But as I said before, the "classes" will make the current system way easier for new players so please, give it a chance.

    3. Fully implemented weight system. Pros:​
    • Player is free to pick whatever he wants

    • Player can shape his playstyle by picking weapons he wants
    The issue with this concept is that, in my opinion, too big despite its pros: the biggest part of our flood auditory - it's 11-13 y.o. kids and for them it is going to be a bit too hard to understand. Those, who know how to spend their points will be destroying entire server. I don't want players to leave because of that. But the entire idea is great. If we can attract more players, we might be able to implement this system as well.
    I want you to think about the system as much as possible and try to see what could happen if one of those systems gets implemented before voting here. I'd make them viable , but I don't think donkie will be happy to change 1 weapon system to another after his work done on the new. So think twice before voting.
    Also if you can come up here with the new great concept of loadout just post it here with the all possible details so we can decide if it worth to be added in the poll too.
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