November Conference 2019

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    Conference Assessment
    This is a thread where notes on the pertaining conference will be kept.
    You are free to comment or post anything related to the conference.

    An extensive document outlining Devinity Conference guidelines can be found here
    Information on our Discord server can be found here

    The conference is planned for:
    Sunday November 10th from 4 PM to 5 PM EST
    Please post in this thread if you cannot attend this date.​
    Discussion Subjects:
    • Recent community split
    • Staff activity concerns, followed by promotions & demotions
    • Forum usage, or lack thereof
    • Discuss changes to the prop and weapon balancing
    • Discuss the disadvantage new players have (for the 30th time)
    • Discuss community suggestions and where people would like to see them go
    Please discuss these topics one at a time so that a clear and concise summary can be made at the end.

    At the end of the conference you're free to bring up any additional ideas, after all ideas have been presented to the conference a community gaming session will be held, unlike the conference this will be optional so at this point if you wish to leave you're free to do so.
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    I won’t be able to attend due to prior engagements, but I’ll stop by for a little if time permits. Hope it’s a productive conference!
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    • First off, Viral and Sotori play gachi music using the discord bot, driving away most of those who joined before the conference even began.
    • To those who haven't heard, Donkie and Rick are splitting off from Devinity.
    • Bayrock introduced his list of staff to demote.
    • Most of the Devinity staff were inactive before they moved to Exhale.
    • After the conference, said staff will be demoted.
    • A new message will be sent out, and we will be actively looking for new staff to welcome to the team.
    • Bayrock explains the deal with Donkie, and tells the conference that Donkie and him are on good terms as well.
    • Balancing and prop changes were brought up. Events as well.
    • A consensus was to change the health of props and/or damage done by weapons, as well as the stats for the guns individually.
    • All of these statistics were compiled by both Viral and Sotori and brought in to question.
    • An extensive list is below. More will be added among discussion in the staff chats.
    Dual Deagles will be vaulted
    Newer players will be given more weapons. Suggestion such as heavy weapons and grenades.
    Weapon skins were brought up as an idea, but not an action.
    Weapon categories will limit X amount of weapons per category. Pistols/Smg's/etc will now have a limit to how many guns one can carry.
    The SMG's will be extensively reviewed and most of the recoil for them will be bumped down as to fit the essence of the weapons themselves.
    More VIP weapons will be added/vaulted, to bring a sense of exclusivity and balance so they're not OP.
    Weapons dealing decimal damage will now be rounded based on the weapon.
    The eviscerator's price will be changed.
    • Counter talks about a dildo and screams at Bayrock like a chimp, interrupting anyone and everyone trying to contribute.
    • The title of "Community Manager" will be changed back to "Super Admin"
    • Counter brings up an overhaul to the christmas drops, as well as the weapons given out.
    • Some of the channels in the discord will be renamed, such as staff chat back to jrmodpub.
    • Current staff applicants have been promoted.
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    fuck you
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