On Hold Reinforcements/Smash Bros.

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    I recently got an idea for a new round. It's similar to reinforcements if anyone has played a game involving that but basically in the first round players are free to build any boat they want but after the fight phase is over the next round will only give them money based on the players performance and they must use that limited amount to make a new boat. After the second round all spare money is taken and deposited into the actual players money bank and then it takes their performance from round 2 and sets the cash for round three and so on. This could go on for as long as however many rounds are set but it might have to involve locked props or cheaper prices due to the cash limit. obviously at the end of the round set the cash and prop configs are returned to normal.

    an additional game i came up with is kind of like the smash bros games. instead of weapons doing damage to props they instead create knock back for players and the goal is to try an get the player into the water and having the water do additional damage the melee weapons could still damage the player but all ranged weapons do no damage but apply knock back. some additional explosive weapons could be added for use only for that particular event as well.
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