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    Inspired by this, I decided to make such an event. It combines in itself as many as two events + new mechanics.

    Rpg mode - a mode in which you will need to defeat the enemy team, + 2 bosses. You have 3 classes to choose from.
    All classes are equally needed!


    This class-support is aimed primarily at quenching the ship, repairing it, but also can use weapons to shoot at the enemy. Also he has special props, which are excellent for supporting.
    His weapons are: Health stick, Fire extinguisher, TMP, Galil, 9999x Deagle, sledgehammer, 4x water ballon, you can build Countermeasure generator and Food stack.

    Pyromancer is designed to deal burst damage with a variety of explosive weapons. His special prop can give a nice bonus in the form of a weapon, because he does not have much firearms himself.
    His weapons are:
    4x TNT, 10x Grenade, 2x bugbait, 4x Bazooka, 4x m79, 4x Molotov, Ak-47, Machine gun, Usp, Fists, you can build Gun cabinet.

    Not exactly this of course the archer ... But still, he has a lot of weapons, for long-distance combat + his special props are quite useful for the team
    His weapons are: 30x Bow, AWP, SG550, Golden gun, Aug, Dual elites, Crowbar, Harpoon (i don't wrote it on pic), you can build Ammo pile and Damage amplifier.


    1. Players are divided into two teams. I prefer what would be called "Dark Elves" and "Light Elves"
    2. The whole team can be supplied with 1 special prop of different types. (That is, in order to put all the special props, the team should be: 2 builders, 1 pyromancer and 2 archers)
    3.Total in the team can be 12 people (+1 in each, if on server 28 people.)
    4. Each team must kill the enemy team, and the bosses to win in the round.
    5. Each team inflicts full damage on the props of the enemy team, and less damage to the bosses props.
    6. The team can not be more than 2/3/4 of the same classes (depends on the players on the server)

    (Yes yes yes, it's anime, they are great for this role)

    The main damage of the team is brought by it. Has an extensive arsenal for full domination over enemies. Also has a nice bonus in the form of health regeneration.
    Her weapons are: Machine gun, m79, Bazooka, M16, 4x TNT, Spas, Fire extinguisher, sledgehammer, Aug, usp, you can build all special props, hp regeneration (2hp/5sec)

    Support, which, accordingly, does not cause much damage, but then it repairs the ship quite well, because it has a unique passive ability. (This work how Countermeasure generator, but without immune)
    Her weapons are: Health stick, Crowbar, Water ballon, Fire extinguisher, 4x bugbait, Super Shotgun, TMP, Golden Gun, Ak-47, Usp, Harpoon, you can build all special props, Aura (2hp/2sec for props)

    1. Bosses are completely neutral, and can beat any team.
    2. For bosses props damage is reduced by half.
    3. Auriel aura does'nt spread on weld through ropes.
    4. Bosses have a limit of 2 special props (1 from each player)
    5. The goal of the bosses is not strange to kill all the players.
    6. I see no problem in allowing the two teams to unite, for the sake of killing bosses.
    7. Players become a boss by accident, and get a character randomly
    8. Their team is called
    "High Forces"

    Also I did for them Loading screen (kek)

    I understand that there is a lot of imbalance here, but you can fix all this in the comments + I'm not sure that this event is destined to be xd
    (It used a lot of Google translate kek)
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    You've clearly spent alot of effort making this very awesome mockup, although it seems like a very time consuming and difficult event to add to flood, however I am willing to assist as much as I can in the coding side of things for this event since I like it so much (about time we go for a boss event) granted Donkie and the other higher ups approve of this undertaking.
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    I think, we can take something from existing events, because there's actually a combination of team event + juggernaut, but here's a special props...
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    No animoo pls