Suicide Squad Thread [WARNING SPOILERS]

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    This thread is primarily focused on discussing the new movie Suicide Squad which i just saw yesterday. I, opposed to critics, really enjoyed the movie and I don't believe you can walk into these movies with the mindset "This Better Stay True To the Comics." Because after all you're obviously going to get disappointed. I also wanted to add the list of my favorite jokers given the controversy of Leto. First off, I din't like the actress choice for the main villain she just didn't fit the part for me but I managed to get past it. The only other real thing I didn't like about the movie was how foreseeable it was that they planned to use the movie-made climber guy as a tool so fans wouldn't question as to why none of the SS members would try to call a bluff. I mean c'mon he wasn't in the trailers, on the posters, or even mentioned at all so we all could pretty much tell right of the bat his head was being blown up. On to Will Smith, Fresh Prince was probably the character with the second most controversy over actor choice. HONESTLY I thought Will did a pretty nice job as Deadshot and I loved the costume. Margot. Fucking. Robbie. I really never liked her in other movies and never found her attractive until that scene at Ace Chemical Vat when holy shit before he threw her into the chemicals. dammmmm. I don't want to make a whole fucking review so Im just going to get onto the juicy shit.

    Jared Leto.

    Did I like Jared's performance? Yes I actually did ands I think this opens up bridges for a whole new Joker. Did I like all they hype for Leto? No, not at all. It was clear that Leto's publicists we're stringing him like a puppet the couple of months leading up to the movie. That whole strange gifts thing that went around to his co-stars? No I'm not saying it din't happen, I'm just saying it only happened in an effort to produce hype and in hopes of topping what Ledger did to try and get in character. I mean Heath Ledger locked himself in a room for weeks and drove himself to the brink of insanity just to portray the Joker. And to pass all the time in the room he started toying around into narcotics which got him KILLED shortly before the movie was released. Onto my list of favorite Jokers.

    #1-Mark Hamill:

    No he may not have portrayed a live action Joker but his voice and persona was just so perfect for the role. I'd die to see this guy on the big-screen and its not too late, yes he may be old but we got to see Hamill play a very similar DC character when he guest-starred on "The CW's The Flash". I mean come on Warner Bros you're having your pets toy with us now?

    #2-Heath Ledger:

    As mentioned before Ledger died, quite possibly because he tapped too far into his characters mind and used the drugs as a gateway in hopes of really understanding the Joker. He gave us a look at a very realistic Joker, whom involved himself in the mob and street gangs until he could make his way to the top of Batman's Rogues Gallery. May he rest in peace.

    #3-Jack Nicholson:

    This man was born to be fucked up. And he made a very good Joker because of it. I really think Keaton and Nicholson would have secured a much better remembrance as their characters if it wasn't for Jim Carrey, Arnold Swharchenegger, & George Clooney who really ended up making a mockery of DCCU making almost everyone forget about that first and pretty great for the time period movie.

    #4-Caeser Romano:

    We couldn't put the dastardly prankster at the bottom now could we? You may be thinking this guys portrayed the Joker horribly...but alas you'd be wrong. During the time period that his how aired there were strict rules on what comics could contain with the belief that original comics were giving children bad ideas. Given that, the silver age comics were very light hearted and Joker was nothing more than a petty crook looking for a payoff and some good fun. light of the strict rules and time period, Caser actually did very good justice to the 1950s joker.

    #5-Jared Leto:

    I thought you said you liked him? I do its just the fact that the majority of other Joker's had their own movies or seasons to develop the character and really shine. Not to mention many things about Leto's joker were left unanswered. We were only given a short scene regarding Joker vs. Batman which was only in there in main due to the fact that they needed to explain how Harley ended up in Belle Reve. I'm really excited to see Joker in future films and hope he can live up to the Legacy. Who knows, maybe he'll get to the top of this list someday. Highly doubt it. Mark Hamill was perfect.
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    The movie was ok, not as bad as the critics have claimed it to be but also not as good as some of the DC/Suicide squad fanboys have claimed it to be. I'm not going to go in depth todays since I have a phone as my main source or communication but the movie did a lot of show and not tell for plot development. Some things were not explained and a bunch of plot continuity errors were found in the movie. Sadly I feel the movie gave to much away from the trailers. The first 1-2 trailers were fine but after 4 or 5 it got bad. A lot of jokes I would of laughed at just did nothing for me and in the end of the day the movie was enjoyable but that's it. I will forget about it in a few days, just like most DC movies.