Summer 2018 Updates and Administrative Changes

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    This is our second annual summer event that has been committed to Flood, thanks to @Rick. For this summer update, we have made some notable changes upon connecting to our servers.


    • We have replaced the AUG with the new L85A2 assault rifle and the default MP5 with the same weapon but has a grenade launcher attachment which you can use by pressing E+Right Click or your suitzoom key + Right Click.
    • A new flamethrower weapon has been added with Flood support.
    • Instead of redoing the entire spawnmenu (Q-Menu), we have decided to reskin it instead along with several other UIs to resemble the theme of our community.
    • Sceneries have also been made to make the map environment a bit lively.
    • Summer songlists have been updated by the courtesy of @Rick and @hatefulmeme

    For the duration of the summer event:

    • There's a chance that you'll get a gift at the end of every round ranging from cash, tokens and cosmetics, as well as the possibility to obtain a summer-exclusive weapon (you will be automatically notified and rewarded whenever you receive a drop).
    • Store cosmetics are on sale.
    You can view the changelogs that have been made in preparation for the summer update.
    @counter updated:
    Added - Re-added armor cosmetics
    Added - Added many new accessories and playermodels! VIP and summer-related items are on sale
    Tweaked - Replaced AUG with a new weapon (L85A2)

    @Donkie updated:
    Added - EVENT: Added a new default plyclr and wepclr for the duration of the event
    Added - EVENT: Added cash, token and item gift prizes
    Added - EVENT: Color and Material Tool is available for everyone
    Added - EVENT: Added 1.3x cash multiplier at every endround
    Added - Added a crash detecting bot to Discord
    Removed - Removed Discord Rich Presence since it is no longer supported
    Admin - Added a Senior Moderator rank

    @Donkie, @counter updated:
    Added - We worked very hard on deriving a new spawnmenu skin without changing the entire interface, and as a big UI change for the summer update. Hope you enjoy it!
    Added - EVENT: Added a new summer exclusive weapon! Available in drops

    @Donkie, @Sgt. Orange, @counter updated:
    Added - Replaced the MP5 and China Lake with a much more refined one. Instead of having to switch weapons, you are now able to fire the grenade launcher using either E+Right Click or your suitzoom key + right click.

    @Sgt. Orange updated:
    Added - Added a flamethrower weapon

    As Battle Royale is still a new and developing gamemode, Donkie has been spending most of his workload to fix gamebreaking bugs and develop core features to the gamemode. However, Flood will still be updated at a reasonable pace during and after the summer event.
    Administrative Changes

    We have added and appointed 3 staff members of each gamemode to the new Senior Moderator position. Senior Moderators will have a bigger role in the community as they will be the go-to staff members for recently added junior and standard mods alike with questions and queries about the gamemode or the community in general. They also have more advanced privileges such as being able to editing bans, restart servers, and having limited database access.

    Currently the Senior Moderator position is a voluntary role through filling out a form and are handchosen, but we will always consider altering the process if it no longer becomes ideal. We will also be considering to promote more Senior Moderators as our staff roster grows or whenever there's an increasing demand.

    Here are the current Senior Moderators based on the gamemode they've applied for via form:
    Flood: @Noriaki Cocaine, @Nyaaa~ ∑:3, @Sotori
    Battle Royale: @Bjincy ,@Sir. Juan Carlos, @Yinzerz

    On the behalf of the Administration team we would like to congratulate the 6 current Senior Moderators for their undying support and dedication and are looking forward for them to lead our community and it's growth.


    We will be doing another attempt to host a 2v2 Flood and 2v2/3v3 Battle Royale tournament on a private server during the coming months prior to @jeffreythe00's last year's Flood. For this year's tournament we may require players to pay an entry fee that will be given back + a certain percentage of cash upon attending.

    We are considering to reward first place contestants with a VIP Rank or some type of exclusive cosmetic followed by the 2nd and 3rd place with a sum amount of tokens/cash. Rewards will be changed based on how many players are registered (more the players, higher the rewards).

    An official thread will be made once we are confident and finished with the finalization of the event.
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