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    Don't you love partying? Your mind spinning faster than the disco ball, Loud music rining your ears and you just can't stop moving your hands and feet. Well, this event offers quite a rave party to the divinity flood players who will be involved in this event.

    In this event, players are chosen as superstars one by one. Ordinary players must work together to defeat the superstars. The "superstar"'s boats will be shining with the rainbow material. This will be enhanced by colorful lights from the disco ball above their head, player constantly dancing (automatically) from the "act dance command" and funky music playing in the background. The "superstar" will be doing double the damage during this period, furthermore, their props will have 10x the prop health. As one superstar dies, the lights will turn off automatically off the player and there will be a short interval before the next player is chosen.

    Extras: (Possible)
    After the 3rd/5th superstar dies, and there are still players that remain standing, the stadium would become a rave; music starts speeding up, lights start spinning faster and most of all, all the players will be given this superstar effect.

    If a player wins as a superstar before reaching the "rave party", they might receive a bonus. (More money? Special Funky Hair?)

    In regards to the lag brought by the light, I suppose 1 lamp would be sufficient for the first 3.
    Then one enlarged one located at the upper middle part of the stadium.
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    The issue i see here is that you are not able to shoot when you are dancing but i like the idea sounds fun but i don't think it will work with multible of those superstars beacse the roundtime limit also maybe to enforce the focus of the superstar then remove dmg to all other boats so its only the super star boat that can take dmg ? :)