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Accepted Unban appeal NsF NoScope

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by NsF NoScope, Feb 15, 2018.

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  1. NsF NoScope

    NsF NoScope Member

    Feb 14, 2018
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    rng maniac#5924
    Brief description of what happened before you were banned: (required) Ok so I got on as usual to play, was playing normally checking corners using angles depending on the location of the circle, pre aiming corners which is how I generally play, and apparently Sgt. orange was spectating me and believes I was wall hacking, No I do not ghost, No I do not hack, and I don't even team (usually). Now this ban is a false ban and I hope you can somehow see that, I have been a administrator on gmod for over a year and I've banned about 500 hackers myself ranging from all sorts of hacks (pm for more info) and I know when somebody is hacking, as you will see I have reported people over the past few days which is why I believe I have raised more suspicion, I have videos and have told the staff member I will be able to record and upload or even twitch stream every time I play, I am willing to give access to my PC and anything else you guys need to check me out, I am not a hacker I am a legit player who has put all of his time into these types of games to get good, spent lots of money on equiptment to get my aim accurate, spent lots of money on a PC to get my FPS better.. Idk how I can be called a hacker as I'm clearly not. See as I got banned this is exactly what happened. (The circle was coming in to the spawn area where the castle is, i sat behind some rocks where the angle behind me was impossible to come from and checked the other 3 angles, left straight forward and then right towards the castle, i checked left thought i saw someone so looked at it for about 30 seconds, but nothing, changed to the angle straight ahead of me checked there nothing. Then i checked the top of the castle as "bartoons" was online and i know he plays a lot like me so i already knew he would be up there with either a sniper or a team member camping it out, i aimed up there for about 3 seconds and he peaked his head \ m82 scope out of the window at the top (the m82 scope is a purple texture error) And then as i headshotted him i got banned, This is not hacks this is just basic information that i use every time i play.. it's called gathering information i know players, i know locations, i know angles and i know where the circles end up, it is just basic information nothing to do with exploiting or hacking, i have told the DEV the jump command that i use to auto C jump and was told it is allowed until it is fixed, the only other thing i use to modify files in any way is 3d-skybox off in my Cfg file as it gives you like x2 better FPS by not rending the outside of the map.

    Like i literally wake up 6-9 am smoke up and come on battle royal to warm up for the day, i would like to say i play atleast 4-5 hours a day although i'm not sure, i play with many good players who do just as good or better than me and if you watch them you will see there not hacking either, we all come from the same server where picking up skill is something that just happens and once you pick it up it becomes something better, that server started me off on steam games as if i never played it i would not be anywhere near this good (in my opinion) please don't just ban me because i am good at the game, the whole point in being good at a game is being able to try your hardest and have a great time, i feel like I've tried so hard you guys just wanted to ban me or something idk.

    This ban has got me pretty depressed like i went on csgo after banned went on pubG and just didn't want to play so went to sleep, I've woke up and made this appeal and i just hope you guys can take all the time you need to find out that i am actually indeed a good player and not hacking in any way shape or form, i will never use hacks and honestly couldn't find it in myself to do so, i suffer from serious anxiety and depression and the thought of me hacking and trying to hide it like just no, that would be the worst type of thing i could do for myself right now, these type of games keep my mind of other things irl and i just really enjoy them in general, it's a way to escape the real world you know ? Please don't keep me banned without checking me out i am honestly here to play legit :(

    I have also PMed some other information via discord which i could not put in my ban appeal duo to privacy reasons. Which proves further that i do not hack, I am even willing to be spectated every time i am allowed to play until you can see that i'm not hacking, i go literally atleast 5-1 in the first round sometimes 15-1 and can play this way sufficiently every single time i play, i have nothing to hide and everything you see is skill, i don't know how i "traced someone through a wall" that was obviously coincidence as i am not using any form of hacks... i don't know what else i can say, here is the video i made 2 weeks ago hopfully you can see my skills, see how i pre aim and how long I've worked on my accuracy \ reaction times, i have smoked weed for 3 years and i play using energy drinks irl like redbull ect so my reaction times are insane, it's all scientific i just hope you guys can realise im not hacking and this is all time and effort i have put in to games to get really good at them, i came from a server called ThatgmodZ where it is a dayZ styled game mode with Fog ect and you have to use angles and reactions to win. On this server i had a KD of 1300 - 120ish

    That is the video i made and i am willing to record and upload after every single time i play, i use bandicam to record (the free version for now, atleast until i start recording and learn how to properly make content)
    I came from a game called osrs which i played for about 12 years (runescape) and i was in a team where we PvP, my channel for that is , Now the reason i posted this is i would like you to see how i got good in the first place, if you noticed 9way1tick 9way means 9 clicks and 1 tick means 0.6 seconds, i had to click 9 items + F3 F4 ect and other things like the enemy and food \ potions ect in the space of 0.6 - 1.2 seconds in order to have the best advantage, you really don't know how hard I've worked on my clicks and accuracy over the years I've played runescape i'm really not a hacker i am just a extremely skilled player. Please give me a chance idk what else i can say.

    Reason why you should be unbanned: (required)

    I am not a hacker, i really enjoy the server and when i got banned i was honestly pretty upset, i don't know how i can be called a hacker when i have a video and am willing to do anything at all to prove i'm not hacking, i do good on every game i play and overall ide like to say i'm really good at PvP, I started steam about 1 year ago and that's all ive done 12 hours a day atleast since then.. I literally despise hackers, i have been a admin as i said for over a year and theres nothing i hate more than someone who can't play legit, what's the point in playing if your using something to play for you is what I've always said.
    I have helped you guys ban people using citizen and other hacks that are undetectable (pm for more info)
    Why would a hacker be sat in the server 2 hours a day just spectating and getting hackers banned, i literally wake up smoke some, get online spectate people who have insane scores, if i believe they hack i call staff if not i just spectate for information to see where people go and what types of plays they make, as u can see I've spent a lot of time on your server and of course there is no proof for me hacking as i'm not hacking so i really feel like this is an unfair ban.
    In a way i do not blame the moderator who banned me as he helped me after the situation as much as he possibly could, i have been threatened to be banned on other game modes so i am use to this sort of thing but i never actually thought it would happen without any form of proof, obviously i know there is no proof because i know i'm not hacking.

    As i said earlier i messaged the staff explaining further why i am not hacking and could not be hacking (message RnG maniac) on discord for more information.

    There is no information or anything i am going to hide, i am giving you full access to my PC my life and anything else you need to make a final decision, thank you for taking time to read this as it is pretty long and some of the information i feel i put in there twice or something but i just poured my heart out into it and don't feel like i should edit it tbh as it is more genuine this way.

    Please i hope you can see that i am not a hacker, i really want to play like right now and it kills me not being able to log in and having to find another game to play when i enjoy that so much :(

    Admin who banned you: (recommended)
    Sgt. Orange

    SteamID: (use this link to find your steamid)

    Infraction Record: (copy the link; can be found on the information tab of your forum profile)
    Evidence: (if applicable)
    (kind of evidence) (Will record everytime from now on if unbanned)
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  2. Sgt. Orange

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    I banned you based on the one round where you were placing your crosshairs on players behind the mountains and then you flipped around and killed a player off the window, you argue that the player always camped there but that doesn't explain the previous crosshair placement, ill call it coincidence and unban you for now.
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