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Denied Unban request

Discussion in 'Unban Requests' started by nja, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. nja

    nja Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    Brief description of what happened before you were banned: (Forgive me for the small book but i want to give the best description of what happened since i've been accused of using wallhacks)

    So basically i joined the server and an admin called "knuckles with boob" was connected.
    The first two rounds, i was kinda bad, dying very early and missing a few kills. This making me mad, i reloged to reset my score to start a fresh killstreak. Everything went good then, i killed a guy at the factory, then went to the city because of the sphere. I jumped into the water to climb that white van and jump on the warehouse fence to scope at the roofs since many many people always go there. Then, i saw two players running on the bridge. They were running too fast, so i waited until they get into my sweespot to snipe them with my M82.
    Then i noticed a third guy running to hide inside the warehouses. The two bridge players noticed him too and ran after him. I used this as my advantage to kill them while they were busy with him. I killed the first one, then the second one. So i went to get the other one in the first warehouse, but he was in the second one. I tried to snipe but he escaped while running under the small bridge. Then, i used the stairs to find a sweet spot between view and discretion. I spotted 2 guys on the roofs, killed one. then, while i was waiting for his friend to show up (i wasnt scoping at this time to get a better view), a saw a head going up and down at the corner of the parking. At first, i took it for a visual glitch because of the leaves on the left. Then, when i ran near the hole in the fence, i saw shoulders, playermodel, helmet, etc. He was trying for somes reasons to jump while he was crouched. So i killed him. Five seconds later, i got banned.

    Apparently i've been moving my crosshair toward people through walls, and using wallhacks. The admin denied seeing the same things as me since we were watching both the same screens. He also said having no proofs (pictures or whatever) of me using potential cheats. I repeated many times to him/her everything i just wrote but he just kept telling that i was moving my crosshair toward people through walls.

    Reason why you should be unbanned: Well first of all i've been playing a lot, lot, lot of time on your servers, pretty much everydays recently. Since i hate fortnite and cant buy pubg, i've been playing battle royale here. Seeing me training and training, farming and farming then getting banned is.. well, not great
    He also has no proofs of me cheating. We played together less than five minutes because i was dying before him. He spectated me less than two minutes because the suspicious moves happened just before my ban. He said being spectating me for a while but it makes no sense since i was dying before him.
    I despise hacks. Im playing many games with ranks (CSGO, R6, etc), and cheaters are just trashs.
    It may sound cliché but i promise that im not using in any ways any hacks.
    Your servers are the only options for me. The only battle royale game that i enjoy for now.
    I sadly cant promise anything else since im, for me, not using any external programms. Maybe trying to be less rude toward the admin himself (my apologies if that's the case)

    Admin who banned you: "knuckles with a boob"

    SteamID: STEAM_1:1:89816210

    Infraction Record: https://devinity.org/pages/infractions/?steamid=STEAM_0:1:89816210

    I sadly got no screenshots or anything to defend myself, just arguments.
    -I've been playing many many times with moderators/admins (Olivier, tatoz, and some anime moderator that kept changing his name, etc). No one of them ever called me a cheater. Half of them are probably better than me. I played a few hours today with Tatoz as an exemple. They may believe me.

    -I made a staff application. Cheating while trying to access higher ranks would be a stupid move. I wouldnt destroy everything i'm slowly trying to build.

    -Im level 45, playing for around 3/4 months now and no one outside newbies ever called me a cheater. This admin was the first one, and he took less than two minutes to take his decision, without warning or talking to me.

    -I've seen him logged in, i knew that a staff member was connected. Why would i cheat? We also were just 15 players. It would be easier to spot a cheater than with 50 players. Only someone really dumb would use cheats in this case.

    -As i said, he spectated me just 2 or 3 minutes without any warnings or anything. I have no ideas if im the one who killed him, but i hope that it wasnt all about him being mad.

    -Those "proofs" aren't really proofs, but they're everything i have. I can also show you our MP through discord.
    I also wrote "a bit" in the #general room.

    -Also, as far as i know from this post https://devinity.org/threads/unban-request.5509/, C.L had access to his screen and saw the wallhack getting used. It should be the same for every admins, right? That's why i asked him if he took any pictures or recorded anything, but he said that he isnt recording all the time and that he doesnt need pictures or videos to know that someone is cheating.
    Banning me because of a 6 kills killstreak isnt really cool.. Apparently my crosshair was directed toward people through walls. That was a pure coincidence. He's using this as his only argument, but it makes no sense. When you move, your crosshair moves too. Warehouses arent that big, my crosshair had enormous chances to stop or move on him. Also, as i said, i thought that the player was in the first warehouse, but he was actually in the second one. So, explain me why did i kept watching first warehouse door? If i was using hacks, i would watch the second warhouse door.. right?
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  2. Rick

    Rick female nipple Gold VIP

    Jun 7, 2014
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    As I tried very hard to explain to you yesterday, I spectated you for several rounds not "2 or 3 minutes" and you repeatedly knew where people were without seeing them. The main two things were going into buildings and unreasonably immediately spotting players, waiting for players you had not previously seen to come out of cover, and killing players that were not visible through trees (That last point is not the reason I banned you as I was not as certain about that point as the others).

    - I regret not taking evidence, I probably should've recorded you but it would be an unreasonable amount of effort (especially for me to go to for a person we dont want on our servers) on my part to do when spectating you for 20-30 minutes.

    - Doesn't matter

    - Don't know you could be stupid

    - This is false and I don't think you killed me. If you did I certainly didn't specifically spectate you after that, I'm pretty shit

    - The discord is basically the same arguments you're using here but you can send me whatever screenshots you have and I will append them to the locked thread.

    - This only catches positives and often has false negatives. I didn't ban you because of your killstreak, I never said your crosshair was on people I said you kept looking at people through walls. Normal players don't look directly at a wall that somebody is behind. That isn't my only argument I have explained above and if you post the discord text you'll see that you're the one who came up with that point. I said the right warehouse (As in second from you when looking at the bridge where you were), you weren't watching the second warehouse you were focused on the second one, however they were both in your FOV.

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