Unofficial Terminology.

Discussion in 'Garry's Mod: Flood' started by Rick, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    Unofficial Terminology can be posted here. This includes the names commonly given to boats, or other in game player based mechanics.

    Here are some that I have come to see.

    Flip boats:
    These are boats that are built so that they have a flat base, they are generally one of the bulkiest types of boat, and are usually Square or hexagonal in appearance, the boats are then flipped before the fight phase begins in order to have a flat, maneuverable surface for players to move around.

    Ring Boats:
    These are boats that are built so that they look like a hollow circle. This boat is useful because of 'Smartweld', causing there to be no possible way of physically rupturing the boat, despite it appearing to be so. Whilst advantageous in some situations, many players do not choose to use this style because it leaves the props they are standing on susceptible to attack, causing the player to fall into the water.

    Plank/Snake/Line Boats:
    These are boats that are built in a line, the advantages of using this type of boat are rather clear, they are very difficult to grenade, it provides excellent mobility to the player, and can sometimes be difficult to shoot from certain angles.

    The Snowman Boat:
    This is a simple boat comprising of two snowman heads, and a Crate. It is used by many players as a cheap yet reliable boat because of it's reduced cost and size, but still significant health, and whilst in many cases this boat can prove hard to damage, it is especially susceptible to: Snipers of any kind, close range battle, Explosives, The Crossbow, or any sort of physical movement.
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    Nice contribution you've made with this thread. I've heard some Flood terminology in the past but it never occurred to me to create a thread listing the them. I don't personally use any terminology that I can think of so I don't have any real addition to the list.
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