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    Q: What is Flood?

    A: Flood is a gametype that incorporates building and survival into one. The purpose is to create a ship and then stay alive from the wretched piranhas once the waters rise. To do this, you must build a strong ship that is sustainable, affordable and will float. Once the timer is up, the water will slowly kill you when you come in contact with it. You must shoot other boats in attempt to destroy them.

    Q: How do I build a ship?
    A: To build a ship start by going into the menu (usually the Q button) and spawn a prop. Mouse over the prop to see how expensive it is, the health it has, and whether if it floats or not. Assemble a ship that will float well and freeze it all together. Once you are done with this you can use either of the welding tools to attach the props.

    Q: How do I get more money?
    A: Money is obtained by doing one of many things. Some of these include surviving until the end of a round, surviving for a long duration of a round, or shooting other players props.

    Whenever there's a point where you're struggling to gain profit, you can use free props which is located on the first row of each category.

    Q: I have a lot of money, now what?

    A: You can spend your money on a variety of items. For example, high powered weapons can be useful to your survival. To buy weapons go to the Weapons [:bomb:] tab, located in the upper left hand corner of the Q menu.

    You can also buy tokens which are used to buy playermodels and accessories for your character. To buy playermodels and/or accessories, go to the Store [:money_dollar:] tab, located on the upper right hand corner of the Q menu. You can also purchase tokens by going to the Tokens [:coins:] tab under the Store [:money_dollar:] tab.

    Q: How can I get a better server rank?

    A: There are multiple ranks available for purchase. To view the perks and pricing, simply go to the Purchase [:heart:] tab located on the upper left hand corner of the spawn (Q) menu.

    Q: How do I ask another question?

    A: If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to sign up on our forums and ask them there.

    General Hints:

    • You can press Z to undo props which will refund them completely.
    • You can sell weapons for 50% cash back after you've bought them.
    • Joining a team [:group:] can increase your chance of winning.
    • Using free props can help you gain more money.
    • The smart-weld tool is a faster way to attach all of your props before the round starts.
    • Big/thick props usually have high HP and is cheaper rather than small/thin props which is more expensive to build with and has low HP.
    • Some props are non-buoyant but is cheap and has very high health. Be sure to utilize and balance them well!
    • Registering on our forums and reconnecting afterwards will give you the Compound Bow.
    • Joining our steam group will give you 10 tokens which can be used for buying playermodels/accessories and/or converting them into cash.
    • You can click the Help/Rules/Changelogs [[​IMG]] tab which is located on the upper right hand corner of the spawnmenu for more information on the server rules, all the chat commands available and updates that have been pushed to the servers.
    Credit: Zero Given

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    Would be nice if @jeffreythe00 could make a few updates (if needed) to this and then @Donkie could possibly make a !help command on the server that would bring up this page.
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